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Mayor Mary Broh sweeps Monrovia ahead of July 26

By. Moses Owen Browne Jr. 


President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf first appointed Mary Broh as Special Project Coordinator a little over six years ago.

Because the entire city was so bad and crowded with makeshift market structures; huge trees, street peddlers, gangs, car loaders, and shoe shine boys, her job was basically to clean the city, and remodel the historic Broad Street in central Monrovia.

Despite the difficult tasks and challenges she and her team encountered daily, Mary Broh was always willing, ready and prepared to take the insults, and was determined to make Monrovia shine again. However, this did not go down well with many political pundits and opposition politicians, some of whom described her job as” an elected post,” while others believed she’s the right person for the job.

Since her ascendancy as City Mayor of Monrovia, Mary Broh has tried to make Monrovia regain her pre-war status, but the task is far from over.

Few days ago, the government announced Montserrado County as the host for this year’s July 26, Independence Day celebrations. With a population over 1 Million people, according to the 2008 census, Madam Broh has begun her usual clean-up exercise to ensure the city gets a face-lift before the celebrations.

According to a proclamation from the Executive Mansion, the first Saturday of every month is declared a working holiday set aside for residents of Monrovia and its environs to clean their neighborhoods.

Andrew Brant, a businessman believes the single biggest challenge facing Liberia today is the need for “attitude and character change” to make Liberia better. Brant welcomed the move by Madam Broh but said it would never bear fruit unless Liberians stop being political, but rather nationalistic and patriotic.

He expressed joy in the work of the city mayor and pointed out that “Liberians have to be prepared to suffer in order to enjoy the future with much growth, cleanness and prosperity.”

Businesswoman Marie Jonathan says “Liberians don’t want change, and it will required a collective effort of the entire government if Monrovia is expected to be cleaned before and after the pending July 26 celebrations.

Meanwhile, at her City Hall office over the weekend, a group of young Liberian women and men under the banner of ‘Liberians From Ghana Association’ (LIFGA) commended the Mayor for keeping Monrovia clean and green.

The group also took part in the clean-up exercise on Saturday, and according to them are ‘willing, ready and prepared’ to support Mayor Broh in her quest to make Monrovia like many cities in the world.

LIFGA vowed to establish a City Hall Task Force that will enforce the city ordinance and regulations to make Monrovia city a safe and clean environment.

Monrovia Clean Campaign Day is scheduled for the first Saturday of every month.

Moses Owen Browne Jr., is Executive Producer, Liberia Women Democracy Radio, Monrovia, Liberia. He can be reached at  +231-886-493-370 or


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