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Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) at work: What's wrong with these pictures?

   By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh

What’s wrong with these recent pictures from Monrovia? Any health or safety concerns for these Liberian government sanitation workers?

These Liberian government sanitation workers are not wearing uniforms or gloves, no boots or working shoes; (some) are even wearing flipflops (slippers), and some are also carrying their hand bags with them as they work.

The wheelbarrows are old and tired, and instead of wearing work pants and shirts, some of the ladies are wearing Lappas. Are these sanitation workers safe? Are they healthy? Is this part of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s ‘vision 2030″? Is this Mary Broh’s way of being efficient as Acting City Mayor of Monrovia? –

Pictures: Moses Owen Browne, Jr., Monrovia, Liberia, 2012.

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