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LEDI launches US$500,000 Library Project

-Staff     Liberia Economic Development Initiative LEDI
Liberia Economic Development Initiative (LEDI) says it has
embarked upon initiatives that would lead to the construction of modern libraries
around the country as a contribution to the country’s manpower development efforts.
In furtherance of the goal, the organization has launched its first project, a
modern library in Monrovia. The project cost approximately $500,000.

The project is part of LEDI’s US$2,000,000 modern public
libraries that will be built throughout the 16 counties of the country. Announcing
the launch of the project, LEDI President Rufus Darkortey said the organization’s
intervention acknowledges the acute shortage of contemporary text books and other
resource material in many Liberian schools if not all and the danger this shortage
poses for the standard of education in the country.

“During our assessment visit to Liberia a few months ago, we learned from school
administrators, instructors and students that they were feeding on scarce and
outmoded academic material,” Darkotey said, adding, “This unfortunate inadequacy
amounts to a national catastrophe against national development efforts.”

He said commitment to quality education and development remains questioned when
Liberia’s school system is plagued by academic resource famine. “As a nation
recovering from decades of misrule and economic backwardness; a situation worsened
by a ruinous civil conflict, unreserved investment in education represents the
single most solution,” the LEDI said. “Thus, our nationwide library program is meant
to address this critical loophole,” he further said.

According to Darkortey the completion of the modern libraries, which will be modeled
after modern western libraries, will help promote quality education and inspire a
new generation of infrastructural development in the country.

The library program is part of LEDI’s overall multi-million dollars economic
development and empowerment projects for Liberia. Other programs include building
modern clinics, schools, latrines, hand pumps, and other critical social service
infrastructure in the country.

LEDI mission is to reduce poverty and change the lives of the impoverished people of
Liberia. The organization was founded in the State of Ohio, the United States of
America to economically empower poor Liberians. LEDI has formulated six (6) key
initiatives to holistically address the incidence of poverty with the country.

The key initiatives are: Microfinance: Microloans, business development, and
training; education: Scholarships, school supplies, teacher stipends; and
healthcare: Medical supplies, patient and healthcare workers subsidies. Others
include infrastructure: Build modern libraries, schools, clinics, wells, latrines,
roads; youth development: Leadership development and sports training camps; sisterly
Institutions: develop sisterly relationships among domestic and international


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