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Stop scapegoating Grand Gedeh County


Cyrus S. Cooper, II

By Cyrus S. Cooper, II


The Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration has established an anti-Grand Gedeh County campaign designed to scapegoat the peaceful people of our county, for the government’s failure to provide basic social services to the Liberian public. The people of Grand Gedeh county has no plan to wage war on Liberia like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who engineered the destruction of Liberia from 1979-2003.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is afraid of her own shadow considering her violent history in Liberia. The people of Grand Gedeh County do not need any war but peace, reconciliation, and development. Our siblings and parents were brutally murdered by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Charles Taylor NPFL without accountability. Instead of constantly trying to scapegoat the peaceful people of Grand Gedeh County, we demand Sirleaf to account for the horrendous crimes committed by Sirleaf and Taylor’s NPFL.

In addition to Sirleaf and Taylor’s genocidal war, the Sirleaf administration is illegally holding many citizens of Grand Gedeh County in detention in gross violation of their constitutional and natural rights. As a former senatorial candidate of Grand Gedeh County, I consider this manipulative, despotic and barbaric.

I therefore call on all peace loving Liberians to condemn the Sirleaf administration for instigating mistrust and disunity between the Liberian public and the people of Grand Gedeh County.  The people of Grand County are not vindictive and do not want to avenge the savage deaths of uncountable number of our people at the hands of Madam Sirleaf and Charles Taylor’s NPFL.  In view of Sirleaf’s manufactured tension in Liberia, I recommend the following:

1.   An immediate national conference on the future of Liberia that will provide an opportunity for Liberian war victims, perpetrators, as well as  mastermind like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to dialogue on the future of Liberia; including the establishment of an internationally-backed special war crimes court on Liberia. I also propose that this court be  supervised by the  United Nations and US government. This conference is necessary for the following reasons:

I.            The Sirleaf government has lost  credibility and trust with the Liberian public.

II.            The current political and socioeconomic conditions of Liberians is degrading and inhumane.

III.             The Sirleaf administration has assassinated the August 2003 Comprehensive Peace agreement by nullifying the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations.

IV.            The Sirleaf government  has  willfully failed  to reconcile the Liberia people.  Instead of reconciling the Liberian people, Madam Sirleaf has demonstrated a gross lack of remorse for the heinous crimes perpetrated by her NPFL terrorists.  She has disrespectfully hired the same people who brutally murdered our people and thousands of innocent Liberians alike into positions of national security, and other lucrative areas of government.

2.      An immediate release of all political prisoners including our brothers from Grand Gedeh County, who are currently being held in detention unjustly.

The Liberian people have been subjected to all forms of lies, manipulation, dehumanization,  and are reduced to mere  beggers, and street peddlers.  We do not want to revisit the days of anarchy in which Ellen and Taylor’s NPFL, as well as all the emerging armed groups wreaked havoc on the Liberian masses.

Addressing the alleged Grand Gedeh County fundraising in the United States   

The people of Grand Gedeh County are not interested in raising money to fund war on the suffering Liberia masses, as alleged by the so-called Sirleaf National Security  Agency, headed by her son, Fumba Sirleaf. Madam Sirleaf is nervously afraid of her own shadow.  Sirleaf admittedly financed the NPFL genocidal war in Liberia.   The Sirleaf government  is  the most treasonous and  corrupt  government in the Liberian political history. The government is infested  with some of the most evil beasts who perpetrated  cowardice acts of savagery against innocent Liberians.

The Sirleaf government and Madam Sirleaf  has no legitimacy or legal rights to charge any Liberians with treason, because it has failed to hold itself accountable for treasonous acts against Liberia and the Liberian people.  Sirleaf and her collaborators deliberately and willfully waged war on Liberia from 1989 – 2003, and have failed to move Liberia from the state of war  and  anarchy  to  the state of peace and  reconciliation,  justice and accountability for Liberian war  victims.

Hence, the Sirleaf government  lacks egitimacy  or  a mandate from the Liberian people to lead. The Sirleaf government  came to power through  the subversion  of the democratic process in Liberia by the European-based Nobel Committee, and her self-imposed election commission.  Liberia cannot move forward without accountability for the war,  Sirleaf and her apostles must account for the destruction of Liberia and not the people of Grand Gedeh county.

I conclude this note by calling on all peace-loving Liberians to demand justice and accountability for all Liberian war victims. Of course, economic justice is a must!  Ellen must be held accountable for any loss  of life and properties, because the government has deliberately refused to meet the basic needs of the Liberian masses, as well as  the promotion of peace and reconciliation among our common  people.

This condition has created a hostile political and social conditions in Liberia, thereby  forming the foundation  for  insecurity and insurrection.

Finally, if Liberia is to move forward, Ellen and her collaborators must be held accountable. If Liberia were to revert to war, Ellen and her collaborators  will be held accountable!

Cyrus S. Cooper, II is a former senatorial candidate, Grand Gedeh County, Liberia.

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