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Karngar-Lawrence is poised to be Grand Bassa County's first female senator

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By Moses Owen Browne, Jr.


Grand Bassa County may soon have its first female senator in Mrs. Yornblee Karngar-Lawrence, who is currently working as a Public Relations Specialist at the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC).

Karngar-Lawrence is campaigning for the Liberian senate on three thematic areas, which she outlined as equalMoses Owen Browne participation of women, peace and security, and accountability in leadership.

The main thrust of her campaign under the equal participation for women is her dream that every woman regardless of ethnicity, religious strives and educational background, benefits in the equal share of the county’s natural resources.

Karnga said, her peace and security plan is not only about empowering police and other law enforcement officers. According to her, peace and security means providing the wellbeing and social opportunities for both women and men of Grand Bassa County. She pointed out that there can be no peace and security when basic social services are lacking.

She added that, there are women and children who go to bed without a daily meal, there are young women who are coerced to engage into prostitution just to win bread for their families, which have hampered the people of Grand Bassa for too long. Unfortunately, she added, the current legislators have become very insensitive to the plights of the suffering people.

Karngar-Lawrence said accountability is not just about managing money as the accountants will think. She said it means giving women equal participation in decision-making; something that has never happened for more than 100 years in Grand Bassa County.

She urged the men of Grand Bassa County to “rally around their women, give them the needed support to explore opportunities to better their lives.” “Gone are the days when women will only sit in the back and their male counterparts make the decisions,” Karngar added.

“Are women speaking on their own issues?” she asked, adding “when people speak for you they are not empowering you, but when they teach you to speak for yourself, you are empowered, this is the kind of women empowerment initiatives we are talking about” Karngar emphasized.

Grand Bassa County is located in west-central Liberia. One of the 15 counties that comprised the first-level of administrative divisions in Liberia. It has eight districts. Buchanan serves as the capital with an area of 7,936 square kilometers.

According to the 2008 National Housing and Population Census, the county had a population of 224,839, making it the fifth most populous county in Liberia. The county is bordered by Margibi County to the northwest, Bong County to the north, Nimba County to the east, and River Cess to the south and east. The western part of Grand Bassa borders the Atlantic Ocean.

Moses Owen Browne, Jr. is Development Community Specialist, and a professional Liberian journalist. He can be reached at +231-886-493-370 and emails:,





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