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Uruguay decriminalized cannabis contrary to international treaties

By Clemente Ferrer     Uruguay decriminalized cannabis

The United Nations body in charge of inspecting compliance with the international drug treaties expressed “concern” regarding the approval of the Chamber of Deputies of Uruguay on a law legalizing the production and distribution of cannabis. The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) said that if this bill is passed, it would be against the provisions of international treaties on narcotic drugs.

The INCB urged the Uruguayan authorities to ensure that the country continues obeying international law to restrict the use of drugs, including cannabis dedicated exclusively to medical and scientific purposes.

This law could bring “serious consequences for the health and welfare of the population and on the prevention of abuse of cannabis among young people.” Therefore, the INCB requested the authorities to consider “all the consequences before taking a decision.”

This bill authorizes the cultivation, distribution and sale of marijuana under state regulation. To enter into force, the law must be approved by the Senate. Uruguay’s government claims that marijuana legalization is a way to fight against drug trafficking more effective than repression, as it fights its funding sources..

Moreover, in Spain the Foundation Against Drug Addiction (FAD) has launched a new advertising campaign under the slogan: ‘Not always is one so lucky. Do not play with drugs‘.

The action is aimed at young people between 15 and 24, to prevent the risks of drug abuse. Mindful that young people use every day more social networks, the FAD has therefore opened a new Facebook page that includes all ad campaigns that have taken place since the founding of the Foundation.

Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.


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