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Formal complaint against UP/USA Acting Chairman Anthony Kanneh

The National Association of Unity Party Members in the Americas            Anthony Kanneh - Unity Party, USA

Delaware Valley Chapter

Office of the Chairman, State of Pennsylvania

Our Ref: UP/DVC/ USA 10-5-2013 00001                                                                                                               Date:

12:00 Eastern                                                                                                                                                                     Time:

Dear Hon. Members of the Board and Fellow Partisans:

It is with distinguished honor and pleasure I bring you sincere greetings in my capacity as Chairman of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the National Association of Member of the Unity Party in the Americas; former National Secretary General of the Youth Wing Unity Party Liberia 1997 election; former National Secretary General Organizing / Transitional Interim Administration UP-USA.

In view of the above, I am obligated by status of the organic law of the National Association; to protect, uphold, and defend the law therein and as partisans of each chapter, we are constrained to exhibit responsible comportment in respect to accountability and decency at all times. It is in this spirit am submitting this document as a formal letter of complaint against Hon. Anthony Kanneh, Acting Chairman of the National Association  of Members of the Unity Party in the Americas for actions and activities that are in outright violations  of the constitution regarding financial responsibilities of the office of the Chairman.

Furthermore, for accuracy and clarity, below is a timeline of the trend of event as they unfolded. Also note that there will be variations in correlating date and time to his date and time as information reflected herein were only based on the date and time I was contacted.

Following the July 26 independence oration by Cllr. Varney Sherman, the information Minister of Liberia widely criticized the Party National Chairman for such frank and honest speech. Mr. Brown’s approach caught the attention of the Acting Chairman and Partisans of UP-USA that led to the events below:

August 10, 2013: Convened teleconference to address Minister Brown’s publication against the 26th oration and to formulate strategies for counter publication. Chapters contributed $100.00 each.

August 24, 2013: Acting Chairman Kanneh sent me one Mr.  Eramus Williams’ #, who claimed he is the Chairman of MN Chapter and had called Mr. Rodney Sieh to remove our publication on grounds that Mr. Kanneh is not the legitimate Chairman of UP-USA. Talked some sense to him and the matter was mitigated.

August 29, 2013: Convened another teleconference to decide appropriate measures and recommendations for President Sirleaf immediate actions.

September 11, 2013: Hon. Kanneh call to inform me that he (Kanneh) had received a surprise call from information Minister of Liberia Mr. Lewis Brown stating that the “President of Liberia had referred the document that was submitted to her office for further communications, deliberations, and actions”. The document referenced at this stage was in regards to the mass failure of students in the University of Liberia Entrance Examinations; part of that paper work was confidential containing information related to a ‘Plan Anti- Government Rally’ in New York during the President visit to the UN General Assembly. Due to the nature of the confidentiality in this case, according to Hon. Kanneh, the President wanted an immediate response to finding appropriate solutions.

September 12, 2013: Hon. Kanneh informed me that he had received a budget of $5,000.00 from Mr. Porte towards the pro-rally. Initially, I have told Kanneh that we were not going to get involve until they (meaning the Government, since he was already in frequent communication with Minister Brown) can foot the cost for the pro-rally. Hon. Kanneh also informed me that he augmented the budget to $10,900.00 and had submitted it at the request of the Minister. In this light, I told Kanneh, “You know we have not been listened to and now that we got the President’s attention, make sure we use the money wisely and account for every dime. In fact I suggested to him to deposit $4,000.00 in the national account to cover up future expenditure, give each Chapter $500.00 to rent van to transport members to and fro, and give every Chapter at least $200.00 each for their operations. This will strengthen your hands and gain back the enthusiasm.

September 15, 2013: Hon. Kanneh again convened a teleconference of all Chapter heads, Chuku-representing the Board, to plan strategies against anti-government rally and to discuss our involvement. At this juncture, Hon. Kanneh informed this august body officially that he had submitted a budget of $10,900.00 to the government and was awaiting a positive response as the Minister assured him. This topic drew lot of attentions from teleconference participants and I suggested that this aspect of the agenda be tabled because of its sensitivity. Further discussion would implicate the government, I concluded.

September 16, 2013: Received a call from Hon. Kanneh informing me that the Minister have agreed to send $3,000.00 of the $10,900.00 as advance but he(the Minister) had only send

$1,000.00 because the Western Union Machine broke down in Liberia. Pending the Minister arrival in New York, Hon. Kanneh said $2,000.00 will be received.

September 18, 2013:  Hon. Kanneh informed me that the Minister was in New York and he (Kanneh) is expected to arrive there before the weekend.

September 20, 2013: Hon. Eric G. Karsor, First Vice Chairman of Delaware Valley Chapter informed me that Kanneh asked him (Karsor) to receive $500.00 on behalf of the Chapter. To this, Karsor instructed Kanneh to deposit the amount in the Chapter’s account with success.

September 23, 2013:  Samuel E. Greaves convened a local Chapter teleconference as usual to announced receipt of the $500.00 and find ways to get partisans to New York for the pro-rally. The sole purpose for this amount was to transport partisans.

September 24 and 27, 2013:  Attended the demonstration and met with the President.

September 30, 2013: Chairman Greaves inquired from Hon. Kanneh how much was received and how was the money spent? “UP-USA did not give me a dime therefore am not making any report… is in black and white and I will only brief my inner circle” Kanneh replied. Later on that night, the message from Kanneh was passed on to members of Delaware Valley at a teleconference and subsequently to other Chapter Leaders.

October 3, 2013: Hon. Kanneh convened a teleconference to inform the body that the government did not give him any money. Whatever he got was contributed by friends and Liberians in the community. Due to the secret nature of the mission, he could not disclose any information beyond his briefing. He also requested evidence if anyone had issue with his briefing.

As you know, the office of the Chairman enjoys exclusive confidence in its functions therefore maintaining all documents as confidential except for citations and memos that are distributed to all Regional Chapter Heads. Due to this privilege, hard or soft copy of communication to Liberia is not available as evidence to prove wrong doing by the Acting Chairman but the National Executive Council (NEC) and Board of Directors reserves the right to summon the Chairman to produce every document relevant to amicably resolving this matter.

Without doubt, Hon. Kanneh’s admission of receiving money and or compensation for “Concern Liberians for Peace and Development”; a self –styled, named, and none member organization of the National Association is a glaring breach of ARTICLE XX: NON-COMMITTAL AND FORBIDDEN ACTS count I, ii, and iii of the constitution of UP-USA.

To this end, Fellow partisans and honorable Members of the Board, our responsibilities to build a vibrant institution is under siege by behavior totally unacceptable by all standards of civilize society and am therefore calling on all members to muster the courage to stand up and vehemently denounce such ugly action.

With sentiments of my highest esteem,

Best regards

Samuel E. Greaves


Delaware Valley Chapter

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