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Letter of suspension of Anthony Kanneh, Acting Chairman, UP/USA



December 03, 2013

Dr. Anthony Kanneh

Acting National Executive Chairman


Re: Letter of Suspension

Chairman Kanneh:

On behalf of Chairman Philip Jorgu and members of the National Board of Directors of the supra mentioned organization, I present compliments to you and members of the national executive council. Pursuant to Article VII section (B)(1) which empowers the Board of Directors as being the highest decision-making body of the National Association in the absence of the National Convention and empowers it with legislative powers and oversight responsibilities over the National Executive Committee of the Association, please allow this communication to formally appraise you of its resolution relative to Chairman Samuel E. Greaves’ “Formal Letter of Complaint” filed with the Board against you on October 5, 2013. Please see attached Greaves’ letter of complaint for your easy reference.

Consequently, The National Board convened and referred the complaint to its Legal and Ethics

Committees to thoroughly investigate the matter so as to determine if the complaint merited the attention of the full Board. Accordingly, the Legal and Ethics committees spent two weeks investigating all parties involved with this case. To ensure due process and all elements of fundamental fairness, both parties including witnesses were served subpoenas and teleconferences were conducted as well. All parties were admonished to present rebuttals and character witnesses. Having gathered all of the facts associated with this case, the Legal and Ethics Committees voted 2-1 indicting you and have recommended to the Board that Chairman Greaves’ complaint has standing and merits.

The National Association of Members of the Unity Party in the Americas / Diaspora

The Legal and Ethics Committees therefore, recommend the Board’s consideration for the following reasons:

1. You wrote the president of the Republic of Liberia without prior consent and approval of the National Board of Directors; violation of Article VII section (B)(1) of our Constitution;

2. You Summoned Partisans to countless teleconferences with the expressed intention of a pro Unity Party led government demonstration to counter an anti government demonstration held in New York on September 24, 2013 when President Sirleaf attended the UN General Assembly;

3. You prepared a $10,900 budget that was submitted to Minister Lewis Brown;

4. You deposited $500 of this money into the checking account of the Delaware Valley

Chapter’s that was later withdrawn by its First Vice Chairman, Mr. Eric Kasor.

5. You refused to disclose the dollar amount you received citing confidentiality and national security concerns;

All of the above are in violations of ARTICLE XXI: NON-COMMITTAL AND FORBIDDEN ACTS

 No member shall have the right or authority to bind or obligate the National Association to any extent whatsoever with regard to any matter outside the purpose of the National Association of Unity

Party members, except as provided in the appropriate section of this constitution and By-Laws;

 No member shall commit the National Association without the implicit consent of the membership or its leadership, including the power to assign, transfer, pledge, mortgage,  or sell any part of the interest of the National Association to any person whomsoever, or enter into any agreement as the result of which any person not a member shall hold interest in the National Association;

 No member shall use the National Association’s name, credit, or property for any purpose not associated with the National Association; and that any individual, organization, or collection of people who adopts the name or purposely adopts the name (Unity Party) within the context of this organization that is not recognized by the parent  organization within the new Unity Party in the Diaspora/Americas by and through the National Chairman of UP/Liberia, shall be in clear violation of these bylaws and will be subject to legal remedy within the territorial jurisdiction in which the violation occurred.

Upon receipt of the Legal and Ethics committees’ recommendations, the National Board of Directors convened and deliberated on punitive measures necessary to prevent these kinds of managerial and fiduciary malpractices.

Resultantly, on November 11, 2013, the National Board convened and deliberated 3-2 in the affirmative to endorse the recommendations of its Legal and Ethics Committees. Moreover, the Board also voted to suspend you for six (6) months on the following grounds:

1.  You wrote the President of the Republic of Liberia without prior consent and approval of the

National Board. The Board believes that your letter to the President promulgated all of the events that ensued; a violation of Article VII. But for your negligence to have consulted the Board, you engaged in activities deleterious to this organization.

2.  You deposited $500 into the bank account of the Delaware valley’s Chapter of UPUSA that was later withdrawn by Mr. Eric Kasor. By so doing, you forfeited any confidentiality since this financial instrument belongs to the people of the chapter and by extension the entire party.

Therefore, your refusal to disclose is a violation of Article XXXI.

3.  Your willingness to accept money from outside source, and using the organization and its members to engage in activities not in consonance with our constitution is not only unethical, it is a wanton and willful disregard to the survivability of the organization. The National Association of Members of Unity Party in the Americas is not structured to do National Security business or anything associated with such operation(s).

Pursuant to Article VII of our constitution, the National Board has appointed Financial Secretary, Mr. Isaiah Teasely to Chair the National Executive Committee for the duration of your suspension.  Importantly, Mr. Teasely’s preferment commences effective immediately, December 2, 2013.

Consequently, you are prohibited from conducting meetings or participating in any functions reserved to the office of the National Executive Committee for the duration of this suspension. Finally, as condition of reinstatement, you are admonished to fully disclose the source of the funds you received as well as the individual(s) or organization(s) that financed the pro government rally.

Writing on behalf of the National Board of Directors, I remain,

 Leo Mulbah

Secretary General

National Board of Directors



Hon. Philip Jorgu


National Board of Directors


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