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Letter of support for Acting UP/USA Chairman Anthony Kanneh

Editor’s Note:

Mr. Leo Mulbah, writing for the National Board of Directors and other officers from a faction of UP/USA sent this website, The Liberian Dialogue, a letter of resignation and a formal complaint against Acting Chairman Mr. Anthony Kanneh, which we carried on this website. For the sake of fairness and equal time, we’ve decided to  carry a rebuttal in the form of a press release and support from the other side, for your perusal. It is the policy of The Liberian Dialogue to be fair and consistent in carrying the view points of all, in order to enhance the free and uninhibited flow of ideas and dialogue.


PRESS RELEASE   Unity Party, USA branch






UP – USA reaffirms its unflinching support for the Leadership of Dr. Anthony A. Kanneh, as well as the Expulsions and Indefinite Suspensions of Mr. Leo Mulbah / Georgia Chapter; Mr. Samuel Greaves / Delaware Valley Chapter; Mr. Henry Y. Kesselly / Minnesota Chapter, and Mr. Arthur K. Quaye / Delaware Valley Chapter for their Malicious, and Unwarranted Attack on Dr. Kanneh and the Ruling Unity Party led-Government of Liberia

UP-USA as an independent Liberian organization, duly registered, incorporated, and licensed as a non-profit association under the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) in Washington, DC, USA, seize this opportunity to reaffirm our unflinching support to the leadership of Dr. Anthony A. Kanneh as Acting National Chairman of the Unity Party in the Americas / Diaspora and the Unity Party led-Government under the leadership of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Vice President Joseph N. Boakai.

After a highly spirited meeting held on December 4th, 2013, concerning unfavorable developments within UP-USA, involving some members who went rogue among us by tarnishing the Acting National Chairman’s reputations, instigating confusions, and particularly implicating the UP-led Government in Liberia in unfounded and baseless acquisitions.

[WE] the officers and members of the below Seven Regional Chapters of the Unity Party (UP) in the United States/Diaspora and Officers of the National Association unanimously agreed to pledge our unflinching support to you, Dr. Anthony A. Kanneh, as Acting National Chairman of UP-USA, for your transformational leadership style and recent decisions to expelled Mr. Leo Mulbah of the Georgia’s Chapter, and Mr. Samuel E. Greaves of the Delaware Valley’s Chapter, as well as indefinite suspension of Mr. Henry Y. Kesselly of the Minnesota’s Chapter and Mr. Arthur K Quaye of the Delaware Valley’s Chapter for violating Article XVII, Section I of UP-USA’s Constitution.

[WE] also find no evidence thus far that you received any money whatsoever from the Liberian Government as claimed by these four unscrupulous individuals. Thus, we can only conclude that the actions of these four individuals were wicked and unpatriotic. The Seven Regional Chapters, which comprises the structure of UP-USA in support of you as Acting National Chairman, are as follows:


1.     Delaware Valley Regional Chapter-Pennsylvania / Philadelphia;

2.     New York / New Jersey / Connecticut Regional Chapter;

3.     North and South Carolinas Regional Chapter,

4.     Georgia Regional Chapter;

5.     Texas West Regional Chapter;

6.     Minnesota Regional Chapter, and

7.     New England Regional Chapter of UP-USA


This decision was reached after carefully reviewing the allegation brought by these four individuals who allegedly claimed that the Liberian Government funded the recent Pro-rally demonstration organized by Liberians for Peace and Progress held on September 24, 2013 in New York City, in which you, Dr. Kanneh participated, not as Acting National Chairman of the Unity Party, but as an individual to counter an Anti-rally against the Unity Party led- Government in Liberia. The general view is that the actions of these four individuals are designed to tarnish the national and international image of the Liberian Government under the leadership of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Vice President Joseph N. Boakai.

Dr. Kanneh, we view the behaviors and actions of these individuals as destructive and divisive to our Party. Not only did they undermine the tireless efforts of unifying our Party, both at home and aboard, but also provided ammunition to opposition political parties and disgruntled individuals to attack the UP-led government in Liberia and aboard.

Notwithstanding, assured in an egoistic indispensability, these individuals went ahead and committed the unpardonable and traitor’s act at its highest level in any political organization in the World by falsely disseminating information through online media that the Unity Party Led-Government funded a Pro-rally demonstration. We believed that they have lost the trust and confidence of UP-USA and us as compatriots, and therefore are incapable of effectively upholding the Constitution under which UP-USA functioned.

In addition, the behaviors of these individuals are a stark reminder of events that led to the demise of the previous administration of UP-USA little over a year ago. Regrettably, we see similar patterns from these same unscrupulous individuals being played out once again, which we cannot and must never allow.

Dr. Kanneh, we thank you for an excellent job done for the National Association. Please be assured that we stand by you and with you, and give you OUR fullest support of your decisions to preserve and sustain the unity we have fought so hard to achieve in the United States, as well as your efforts to transform the Unity Party in the United States.


Signed by:

Hon. Togba Porte / Leadership

Chairman: New York Regional Chapter


Hon. Thomas Manneh / Leadership

Chairman: Texas West Regional Chapter


Hon. Sumo Darwulo / Leadership

Chairman: New England Regional Chapter

Hon. Eric G. Karsor / Leadership

Acting Chairman & 1stVice Chairman

Delaware Valley Regional Chapter


Hon. Emilio Lolin / Leadership

Chairman: North/South Carolinas Regional Chapter


Hon. Madame Sianna Kpanaku / Leadership

Vice Chairlady: Minnesota Regional Chapter


Hon. Madame Lucille Harvey / Leadership

Treasurer: Georgia Regional Chapter


Hon. Chuku Welwolo

Acting Chairman: National Board of Directors / NY-NJ-CT


Abraham Mellish: National Board Member

Texas-West Regional Chapter


Hon. Mike Swengbe: National Board Member

North/South Carolinas Chapter


Hon. Sam Zinnah: National Board Member

New England Regional Chapter


Hon. Melvin Tarn: National Board Member

Delaware Valley Regional Chapter


Hon. Fulton Shannon

Acting National Secretary General-UP-USA


Hon. Karmolay Parker

National Chaplain-UP-USA

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