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TV series manipulate addict viewers

By Clemente Ferrer       TV


According to a study of ” Neuromarketing Labs” for Fox and Vodafone, the usual viewing of ‘ Breaking Bad ‘, ‘ The Walking Dead , “” Game of Thrones “and” The Big Bang Theory ‘, among others, are addictive in the audience.

The report studied the brain activity of 74 people aged between 18 and 47 , which simultaneously exposed fragments of several television series.  While watching the movies, their brain activity, heart rate, blood flow, hormone levels, breathing rate, and eye movement were analyzed.

Álvaro de la Torre, director of OnCeu says that ” even the unreal fiction, such as ‘ The Walking Dead ‘ provokes in the viewer a desire to be like some of the protagonists . But above all , these reactions are triggered by the influence on the emotions by a script with scenes of high voltage”.

De la Torre agrees with the findings of brain analysis to people in the study : Viewers want to feel when they see the series. 

De la Torre notes that “beyond the scripts, production, editing, and visual and audio effects, ‘ Breaking Bad ‘ or Game of Thrones  does not follow the traditional narrative and choose to tell several stories, which converge. From the aesthetic point of view , the edition of sequences has another time, much faster, which involves correctly the soundtrack and sound effects, and the visual appearance.”

The key is to offer a compelling product that shrinks the heart of the viewer. The surprise effect is also critical, and the characters have to awake the audience from lethargy. The study cites as the most addictive three characters: Sheldon Cooper (“The Big Bang Theory”), Daryl (“The Walking Dead”) and Ted Mosby (“How I Met Your Mother”).

Interestingly, they are not harmful. The first is an irritating nerd with Asperger syndrome, the second, a man stigmatized and emotionally damaged by his brother’s past, and the third, an immature and impressionable adult looking for love and who just gets dislikes (Source: La Razón). Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.

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