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Moses Owen Browne, Jr appointed Global Youth Ambassador for Education

 – Staff             Moses Owen Browne


Journalist Moses Owen Browne, Jr has been appointed Global Youth Ambassador for Education. Mr. Browne was among 500 young advocates selected around the world to champion the cause of ‘Global Education for All.’

Mr. Browne who officially accepted the position April 1. called attention to the 57 million children around the world who are currently being denied their human rights to education.

“I am joined in this call to action by 500 other young advocates for global education. Together, we make up the Global Youth Ambassadors group – launched on April 1, 2014, by the United Nations Secretary-General Bank Ki Moon and the United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown.

“Though I acknowledged the strides Liberia’s education sector is making particularly, in the areas of policy formulation and construction of classrooms, let me also encourage our government to particularly improve the learning conditions of pupils and increase enrollment,” Browne remarked.

Journalist Browne stressed that the country’s education sector is gradually improving but enrollment, retention and education infrastructure development, as well as funding for the sector are major factors leading to the decline in the sector.

“It is no secret that more than 70 percent of our schools were destroyed during the country’s bloody civil war, and most school-going children were denied the opportunity of acquiring basic education and enrollment. Many of our teachers were killed and others fled to exile for fear of being killed in the war. Today, the war is over, and Liberia has enjoyed 10 years of sustained peace. I am saddened to see many young children in the streets today selling cold water, grand peas and boil eggs when they suppose to be in schools learning like other children around the world,” Browne lamented.

In August 2013, I travelled to a small place called Zedyou Town, 10km away from Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County. Tears filled my eyes when I met a little Angel Browne, unreleated, and not her real name, who was 15 years old at the time. She narrated that she lived with her parents, and has never been to school. Though she’s eagered to go to school, the Sande Society won’t permit her. Her parents have trapped her to join.

Little Angel’s parents also forced her to marry a 40 year-old man, a vegetable farmer in the same village. Her mom told me she must go through their tradition before anything else, even school is not a priority until she’s fully initiated in the Sande bush and get marry. I was grief-stricken. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I am sure this is happening in other villages around Liberia.

Little Angel’s story, and that of so many other young people in Liberia and other parts of Africa and the world at large inspires me to stand up for the millions of children that are kept out of school because of poverty, early marriage, child labor, and different forms of discrimination as well as lack of governance structure, little funding to the sector and lip service from those in authority.

As a firm believer that education is the answer to the greatest challenges we face as a society, I am appealing for every Liberian support; and support from parents, government and civil society and philanthropists to help in urging our leaders to raise budgets, build schools, train teachers and improve learning for all children.

It has been shown that we could lift over 170 million people out of poverty simply by teaching every child in low-income countries like Liberia basic reading skills.

So why are we not making this a reality?

Unless we revert current trends, we will not even achieve universal primary education before 2086. So Join A World at School campaign to get every child into school learning. Support our calls to action and get all the latest news on global education online ( on twitter (@aworldatschool) and on Facebook(

Moses Owen Browne, Jr. can be contacted on Cell #:+231-886-493-370 and emails:,, Face book


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