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Supt. J. Milton Teahjay’s upbeat about Senatorial race, and hosting 2014 Independence Day celebration in Sinoe County

– Staff          J. Milton Teahjay

Amid a tough and looming senatorial race, Sinoe County Superintendent J. Milton Teahjay is in high spirit as he prepares for a bruising senatorial campaign, and his county hosting of the annual national Independence Day celebration scheduled for July 26.

Speaking to our reporter this morning in Monrovia, Mr. Teahjay said he is elated to have received his county’s share of $650,000 from the Liberian government for the celebration, and will use the money for its intended purpose.

“We have contractors to pay. We have other employees to pay. We have to construct few more buildings and arenas. We have to entertain our guests and citizens. We have to decorate and have a clean and safe city. And we also have to upkeep the park and the other infrastructure in Greenville for the celebration, Teahjay said.

“Another thing, I got rid of the corrupt advance payment system, which was used by unscrupulous officials to milk the county out of funds. I instituted a system that pays the contractors immediately after the job is inspected, completed and turned over to us by the contractors,” Superintendent Teahjay said.

“Contrary to reports by Front Page Africa that I entered into a million-dollar contract for the electrification of Greenville City without the Public Procurement Concession Commission (PPCC’s) regulations, I want to make it clear that I never embezzled a penny from those funds.”

“That kind of sensationalism in journalism is the kind that got Rodney Sieh in trouble the last time. He did not check his facts, and Front Page Africa just ran with the story to get readers.”

“Now tell me. How can a man, a Superintendent who is believed to have committed a crime by circumventing the contracting process to benefit his pockets be entrusted with $650,000 to fund the July 26 national celebration for his county?”

According to Superintendent Teahjay, the July 26 national Independence Day celebration in his county will go on as planned, and it will be memorable and one of the most successful celebrations of our nation’s independence in our county’s history.”

Superintendent Teahjay dismissed his public battle with Sinoe County Representative Matthew Zarzar as a ‘non-issue,” and called on his fellow Sinoean to work with him to make the upcoming July 26 celebration in their county a successful one.

“A feud with Rep. Zarzar will not help our suffering people. It will not send their kids to school. It will not feed them either. So, I am calling on Mr. Zarzar and others to put away their differences with me so that we can make Sinoe County a better place to live, to raise a family and do business,” Mr. Teahjay added.

With a tough senatorial race between him and incumbent Mobutu Nyenpan around the corner, the question is how can he beat an entrenched status quo senator like Nyenpan? Mr. Teahjay admits, “It will be a tough race, but I am going to win.”

“I am going to be the next senator of Sinoe County because Senator Nyenpan’s heart is not in Sinoe County but in Monrovia. He is a Monrovia senator,” Teahjay said with confidence.






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