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IAB: Online Advertising will increase by 3% in 2014

By Clemente Ferrer      Internet Interactive Bureau (IAB)



The industry association for digital advertising and communication and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), presented its new Investment Study of Total Digital Advertising in 2013, which examines trends in media buying and investment in Internet, mobile and digital. ”

The total investment in online media advertising in Spain is 878.4 million euros, of which 832.5 million were invested in Internet PC, 39.9 million in the mobile sector and 6.1 million euros in digital signage, “said Antonio Traugott, CEO of IAB.

Regarding the investments in mobile, it is the sector with the highest growth rate, growing from 27% to 39.8% in 2013 , and has become a thriving sector.

As to compare internationally, Alberto San Agustín, head of research in IAB, said that there are some differences between countries when opting for a strategy of search engine advertising or of display advertising. The United States, The United Kingdom, France and Spain have spent more budget in strategies of search engines than to display, while Ireland, Germany and Finland have preferred to invest more in the display.

“The digital market increases its weight in the global distribution, reaching 21% of ad spending”, explained San Agustín, also highlighting the increased investment in search engine compared to the PC display.

Projections indicate that the growth of digital advertising will stand at around 3% in 2014, the video will be positioned as a preferred format and “investment in mobile continue to increase, reaching approximately 40% of the total, due to its versatility “concluded David Segura, president of IAB.

clementeferrer3@gmail.comAuthor and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.


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