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Jucontee Woewiyu's finally in jail: Who's next?

By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh           woewiyu_tom



Like George S. Boley before him who was arrested, jailed and deported to Liberia years ago by US authorities for his heinous and opportunistic role in the Liberian civil war, US authorities also arrested Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu, ULAA’s so-called “Eminent” person, for his role in the Liberian civil war.

Homeland Security agents on Monday arrested Woewiyu, 68, at Newark Liberty International Airport. Where he was traveling to or from is unclear; but he was arrested and is now in US custody.

According to reports, Woewiyu was charged with seven counts of perjury, two counts of trying to fraudulently obtain US citizenship, and multiple counts of fraud, and making false statements.

The indictment states, however, that Woewiyu as Minister of Defense during the NPFL reign of terror on the Liberian people “tortured perceived enemies and civilians, girls raped and forced into sex slavery, children were conscripted into the army, and humanitarian aid workers were murdered.”

According to the indictment, Woewiyu, who applied for US citizenship in 2006, did not disclose his war past. When he signed a sworn statement during the process, he lied that he did not advocate the overthrow of a government by force or violently, and he did not persecute any person because of “race, religion, national origin, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.”

News of Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu’s arrest by US authorities sent shockwaves in Liberian communities across the US, as Liberians, unafraid of saying what’s on their minds let it known that it’s about time something is done to bring Woewiyu and the other killers to justice, for what they did to the Liberian people. Now, who’s next? We all want to know.

“God don’t like ugly,” says one Liberian. “One thing I like about America, no one is above the law. No matter how long it takes, if you violate the law, you will be caught and prosecuted even if it takes hundred years,” echo another Liberian.

I am not surprised by the sentiments expressed by these Liberians. I share those sentiments not because I dislike the individuals personally, but because they committed crimes against humanity for which they must pay a price, which should have been done long time ago.

That’s because when a person commits a crime, we as members of society expect the individual or individuals to be arrested to answer charges levied against them. And if the individual or individuals are found guilty after a court trial before jury of their peers, they must meet the consequences of the law.

That has not been the case with Liberia’s many former warlords, financiers and co-conspirators who carried out the civil war, and are roaming Liberia as if they did nothing wrong.

What’s so troubling is the naked truth that the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who should have set the moral tone by funding and empowering her Justice Ministry or an Independent Counsel to look into charges of human rights abuse that occurred during the Liberian civil war, has never been honest, and has been playing games with the Liberian people.

Because of her own involvement in the Liberian civil war, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been dragging her feet, and even disrespected the Liberian people when she adamantly and arrogantly refused to heed to the TRC ruling that she not run for office for 30 years, for her role as financier of the civil war.

However, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ran for reelection anyway, even though she made an earlier promise to the Liberian people that she will not run for a second term.

Ms. Sirleaf did not listen to her own TRC Commission, but listened to her humongous ego and ambitions, which says a lot about the lady who has since hired, and is paying an international public relations firm millions of dollars to enhance her public image.

No wonder she is receiving those numerous international awards and honorary degrees from across the world, even though Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the person has been a disaster and her presidency has been a colossal failure.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s created the impression and the dubious environment that it is right to kill hundreds of thousands of your fellow citizens, rape young girls, rape and kill pregnant women, maimed innocent people and remain in Liberia and run for political office, and nothing will happen to you.

The Enabler-in-Chief she is has made the warlords to believe that they are above the law, they cannot be prosecuted, and have nothing to worry about, which emboldened the criminal killers to believe they are above the law.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s symbiotic relationship with the former warlords has emboldened them so much that even the notorious killer, now ‘Senator’ Prince Y. Johnson, ran for president during the last elections and is contemplating another run for president in 2017.

Only in Liberia!

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s leadership style of enabling and cuddling warlords helped her win two controversial elections. While it is true that the strategy of enabling and protecting the warlords helped her win two elections, that political strategy is prolematic, and has tarnished her legacy.

That is because people are hurting, and the lady is insensitive. However, as the Liberian people continue to feel the pains of losing their loved ones, there can never be genuine peace and closure.

Those reasons alone are enough reasons for Liberia’s future leaders to reopen the case in order to re-write the history books and put that asterisk on Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s name, indicating that she financed the civil war that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Liberians.

After all, the senseless civil war that Madame Sirleaf and her opportunistic friends started did not ‘liberate’ their people and country as they publicly hinted it would do.

Instead, it maimed, raped, destroyed a country and killed innocent Liberians who had nothing to do with their aimless and fatal adventure.

Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu, who was arrested on Monday, should have been arrested long ago for being a sleazy scumbag whose shameless maneuverings had fatal consequences.

Now that Woewiyu has been arrested and is in prison where he rightfully belong, other former warlords, their financiers and co-conspirators, and even Ellen Johnson Sirleaf should be arrested to face trial.

Can it happen? Good question.

That is the million-dollar question stirring at frustrated Liberians and heartbroken families of the victims.

But when a former warlord is arrested and later jailed in the US, the individual is later released and deported; as it was with the case of George Boley, who is now in Liberia reportedly running for a senate seat in Grand Gedeh County.

Again, only in Liberia!

The eyes of Liberians who lost their relatives and friends are still dripping with tears, and their hearts bleeding non-stop since their loved ones were raped, maimed and killed by those barbarians years ago.

Since the civil war ended in 2003, Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu has been wandering between the US and Liberia, often pontificating on political issues as if he’s this knowledgeable and innocent choirboy whose wonderful life Liberians should emulate; even though, he is far from being an innocent choirboy.

Woewiyu’s latest foray into the political arena is his bid to run for the senatorial seat in his native Grand Bassa County, in the 2014 mid-term elections.

Just recently, Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu showed his chameleon side when he wrote an op-ed piece (this website and other websites carried the article) in which he criticized Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the exorbitant salaries her government is paying transplanted Liberians working in her government.

If Woewiyi is so concerned about wasteful government spending now, why did he not speak out when he worked so comfortably and loyally as Taylor’s Minister of Defense, senator, and at times spokesman for the NPFL?

Throw the prison keys in the Atlantic Ocean. Let Woewiyu rot in jail!

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