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Coca-Cola spot with pro-life slogan: It's wonderful to be parents!

By Clemente Ferrer

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In this spot, Coca-Cola gives us a smile, tells a beautiful story and confirms the love of family. And it gets all in less than a minute with a wonderful trip back in time that makes us think: “Fortunately, we have changed so little.

The soft drink company has always defended the advertising with values and the love of family was one of the most recurrent. Now it shows us that the moment of fatherhood and motherhood is the most wonderful of our lives, which involves the greatest personal fulfillment and authentic personal maturation.

In this spot, titled “Life” in some countries and “To be Parents” in others, it combines these two aspects: it is a celebration of life; and at the same time, an emotional tribute to parents. Especially to new parents: these young parents, full of concern but also of joy, which dare to have children and to give them the best of themselves.

The story begins in the happy early 70’s. The image shows it, and the song in the background (the classic “To love somebody” from the Bee Gees, 1967) also introduces us at the time. A trembling young woman announces to her husband that they are going to be parents. He kisses her excited: it is a time of fulfillment. After the initial euphoria, we are witnessing many unexpected situations that completely change the life of that marriage: the house that is “absorbed” by the new tenant, the cries of the child during the night; trips in which one can no longer play sports, the disasters of the creature … In short, not having a moment to yourself.

And suddenly, another amazing new one. A second son. The camera shows us the father’s changing expression. Surprise, anxiety, fear? Quite the contrary! And the final, so expressive and so touching, leaves us a deep and tender emotion: “It is wonderful to be parents!” (Source: Publicidad y cine con valores).


Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.


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