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It’s time for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to resign, now!

By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh             Ellen



When dogs are seen eating dead Ebola victims; when an Ebola victim laid dead on the bare ground and is being sprayed with disinfectant by “Ebola police,” and when an Ebola patient is seen running in the streets complaining of hunger, than folks, it is time for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to resign. Immediately!

Why must dogs eat dead Ebola victims or any dead person, for that matter? And where is Madame Sirleaf who is head of the Ebola Task Force and her key lieutenants when the dogs ate the victims; and when the Ebola patient ran away from the Ebola center?

For God’s sake, treat the dead with respect, Ellen!

Where are the infected dogs, anyway? Are they quarantined as well, put to sleep, or running wild in the streets of Monrovia? Who are they going to eat or bite next?

Seeing a deplorable West Point in the news, and seeing those pictures with hungry people screaming and making their points for food is an embarrassment.

Where’s Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s heart? Where’s leadership?

What else must happen to Liberians before we realize that this tired, confused and incompetent leader – this old lady who fooled us to put her in the Executive Mansion is not ready to be President of Liberia, not even the first and second time she ran for the office of president.

Even as we await the end of her second term, it is not late to tell Sirleaf to leave quietly and give the country back to the Liberian people.

She can leave now (non-violently) and take her sons with her and whatever stolen wealth she and her grown sons, her sister and other family members got illegally from the Liberian people.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf must resign now.

Liberians, where is your courage?

What I don’t want is the military taking over, period. I want a democratic transition with Vice President Joseph Boakai (whether we like him or not) taking over from Sirleaf, to complete the bloodless transition and her term.

An Amos Sawyer out of country interim government is unacceptable.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf shouldn’t govern Liberia for another year because the country has gone downhill on her watch, and living conditions right now under her leadership is deplorable and fatal.

How can this lady claim to be in charge when she is a weak president, is arrogant, not listening, is out of touch, and failed miserably to lead?

Making matter worse is the curfew Madame Sirleaf imposed on the Liberian people to contain Ebola. When political decision of this kind is made to contain this public health threat, government must put in place food distribution networks, because hunger will be a problem as it is now when people are not allowed to move around to get food and other things they need.

The Ebola virus is no more a Lofa County and Monrovia problem, folks. Ebola reportedly is in Bong County, and is making its rounds to nearby counties and other faraway counties.

It is scary to know that the government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf cannot garner the courage and get the expertise to contain the Ebola virus that came from neighboring countries. Those countries seemed to be doing better in containing Ebola than Liberia. Liberia is now leading in Ebola deaths.

If this administration cannot contain the Ebola virus, what else can Sirleaf and her Ministry of Health contain? Where is the disaster management policy in Liberia right now? Sea erosion is a problem in coastal Liberia right now as well. Any coastal or beach restoration policy?

Truth is, this is the toughest year to be a Liberian; and even shameful to know that Liberian politicians take leadership and governance lightly.

To these people, the definition of leadership is to steal, being paid comfortable salaries without working for it, being close to the center of political power, and having the luxuries of traveling and having all the good things in life, as your people live in abject poverty with no food to eat.

Sirleaf called herself firing government officials who are or were out of the country during the Ebola episode. Some of these individuals and her Governance chair Mr. Amos Sawyer are in the US for medical treatment.

Why the US, and not Liberia?

Had Amos Sawyer, the former activist and interim president worked hard to focus on healthcare in Liberia all these years when he was in the center of political power, he and his friends wouldn’t be in the United States seeking medical care in a foreign land. Now what becomes of those poor Liberians who cannot afford to travel to the US for medical care? Perish?

When these people engage in these dishonorable acts of not truly earning their paychecks and not providing services for their districts and people, Liberians in the Diaspora are left with the tasks of sending remittances to relatives and friends to makeup for the lack of leadership.

However, presidential and legislative selection process or any selection process of this kind is a dangerous model that can create distruption, chaos, paralysis and national leadership crisis, as we have seen over and over in our lifetime.

Just yesterday, a friend asked me to go with him to the airport to pick up a globetrotting member of the Liberian Legislature, who traveled to metro Atlanta to see his son. “Why is he not in Liberia during the Ebola crisis?” I asked him. No answer.

I declined to go with him to the airport, out of principle.

From what I know, this particular House member, Jefferson Karmo, who represents a district in Sinoe County, is missing in action most of the time during his tenure as a Representative. The guy basically lives out of the country as he claims to be representing his Sinoe County district.

This is one of the reasons some Liberians are coy about seeing Ellen Johnson Sirleaf go. They are unprincipled, dishonest and divided in their loyalty. They are unpatriotic, period.

“Why bother the “old ma” if my family member is getting his or her financial reward as a member of the Liberian Legislature?”

My friend is one of those people – like most Liberians who will stay mute when his or her relatives is doing well financially by being employed by government. Had it been a non-relative politician, he would have viciously criticized the person for not “providing leadership.”

It is time for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to resign. She must resign right now. She however cannot resign if we are not united in our call for her immediate resignation.

Liberians, unite. Love your country, and do for country!




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