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“God can’t sleep”: He is impatient with Liberia

By Elder Siahyonkron Nyanseor                God does not sleep




God is impatient with Liberia is similar to “God’s impatient in Liberia,” a book written in 1968 by Pastor Joseph Conrad Wold, an American Lutheran Evangelist serving in Liberia at the time. As soon as the book was published, the Liberian authorities banned it because it correctly diagnosed the problems we are faced with today in Liberia. Since we Liberians did not pay attention to the man of God, God himself have decided to speak to the Liberian people through this story. Now, you too have to listen to what He has to say about what is happening to us!


You remember the phrase, “God can’t sleep” is a warning to the Liberian people to stop their bad, bad ways and turn to Him. Instead from 1821 (193 years) until this day, Liberians have been living in SINS. God has been patience with Liberians. He has forgiven them over and over until He lost counts. Therefore, as He said, “I have decided to show yaw who yaw being playing with, and for yaw to know who born yaw.” (Liberian English)


“My Liberian people,” GOD continues, “Why yaw head hard so? Why yaw can’t yaw change yaw bad, bad ways? I warned your plenty, plenty times but your keep doing the same thing, over and over. Why, can’t yaw hear? Yaw keep acting like the Hebrews, my chosen people! I heard their cry and plead, so I took them from bondage in Egypt; but on the way out of Egypt, Pharaoh and

his armies chased them to the Red Sea, and when they had no way to escape, they fussed with Moses for taking them out of Egypt to die. Moses begged me on their behalf; I parted the Red Sea to give them safe passage, and I drowned the Egyptian armies along with some of their leaders that were pursuing them; yet and still, when they got free, instead of giving me all the praises, they started complaining about everything under the sun they could think about.


“And when Moses came to me up on mountain for instructions and to intercede on their behalf, they said to Aaron ‘Make us gods to go before us, for we do not know what has become of Moses, who brought us out of the land of Egypt.’”


God continues, “You Liberians remind me of them Hebrews”!


“First, I took yaw away from slavery in America, took your to a place in Africa; the people yaw met there gave yaw land; yaw subjected them to the same treatment that was meted to yaw while yaw were in exile; yaw call them all sorts of names; names like BUSH NIGGERS, NATIVES, COUNTRY PEOPLE,

named yawselves – AMERICO-LIBERIANS to distinguish yawself from the native Africans who yaw did not consider citizens in the land they loaned to yaw; yaw pulled the same tricks the Europeans and their cousins Americans pulled on the people they met there; the place they claimed they discovered as the New World and named the natives – Indians.


“Another thing Liberians did that made me angry with yaw – I mean yaw – Liberians, not the African natives yaw met there because yaw did not consider them citizens in the land they loaned yaw. How low down can a people be? Yaw did too many ungodly things to these poor generous people; still, I forgave yaw like I did the Hebrews. It seems the more I forgave yaw, the more yaw come up with the worse things under this earth that are not pleasing to me. So I decided to teach yaw some lessons to show y’all that I am God all by myself; I don’t need any of yaw help; yaw either obey my laws or yaw will pay the consequences.

“I brought yaw over safely to the Grain Coast that yaw named Liberia. It was I who arranged with the elders and chiefs to allow yaw to settle down in Dukor; the place yaw claimed yaw bought from the native people. To add insult to injury, yaw connived with yaw agent, drew up some document called deed, marked on it X for the signature of the Natives, used it as evidence that yaw bought the land with the gifts yaw gave to the Natives for the African hospitality they showed yaw. This is how the whole palava got started! Yaw assumed the Natives were too stupid to find out yaw deception.


“How dare yaw think the people I created in my ‘own image’ are fool and stupid people? Yaw were not the first strangers they came in contact with. Prior to yaw arrival, they interacted with the Portuguese, the Dutch and other European people. Yaw took their kindness for weakness! Still, these 193 years, yaw haven’t gotten my MESSAGE.


“Here are some of the things y’all did and are still doing to the Native people in my name for which I am not pleased with yaw and yaw descendants:


1. Illegally recruited the indigenous people to work without compensation

2. Practiced ‘Taxation Without Representation’ – Head Tax and Hut Tax collection with impunity

3. Engaged in forced labor practice to have the Natives construct roads, tote yaw officials in hammocks, their loads, and engaged in the practice of having sex with their virgin daughters on your trips in the interior

4. Recruited native labors for Fernando Po, Firestone Plantations and y’all private farms

5. Engaged in immoral practices – same sex, having sex with underage children; raped Native girls in yaw care, and impregnate them and lie on native boys to bear the responsibilities

6. Mistreated the native wards as slaves that live in y’all household

7. Slept with one another’s spouses

8. Had children by Native/Country women and referred to them as “outside children”

9. Condemned polygamy (polygyny) and at the same time practicing it

10. Condemned witchcraft, while practicing it to get government jobs or promotions

11. Practiced ritualistic killings to obtain human body parts to make juju

12. Condemned and outlawed the Native people’s societies (Poro & Sande) but y’all have – United Brothers of Friendship (UBF), Mason, Odd Fellows, International Order of Good Templar (IOGT), Eastern Stars, etc.

13. Ate (embezzled) government money as if it were yaw personal money

14. Engaged in krokrogee (illegal) laws and practices

15. Accused yaw political opponent of crimes he/she knew nothing about in order not to compete against yaw

16. Dispensed justice in favor of yawself, yaw family members, relatives and friends

17. Took the laws into yaw own hands

18. Rigged and stole elections

19. Gave government scholarships to yaw children, family members, relatives and friends who did not meet the requirements over native applicants who met the requirements (even passed the test)

20. Engaged in NEPOTISM – gave government positions to family members and relatives

21. Paid yawself, yaw children, relatives, friends and associates higher salaries than the jobs were worth

22. Changed the laws and the constitution to suit yawself and yaw political party

23. Mortgaged the country’s natural resources to benefit yawself, yaw family, relatives, foreign friends with no regard for the country’s citizens or future generations


“These are about a fraction of what y’all have done and continue to do to the Liberian people and the entire country.


You know why I am invincible? Just imagine – NO! y’all are not capable of imagining how it would be to handle the concerns of over 3 billion people each and every day – morning, noon, evening and night. So, I decided to listen and devise ways to respond to each and every one of yaw; then sometime in September 1945, I received this letter from the Black People in America complaining to me about their plight. In the same period (September 5 – 6, 1945), the Cold War that divided the world into EAST and WEST – the Soviet Union on one side, the United States, England, Canada and their entire sphere of interest on the other side. This conflict turned the world inside out – into the

good guys vs. the bad guys. The Black People that wrote me and people everywhere got caught up in the MESS.


The Black People’s letter read:


Dear Almighty God, King of Kings, The Most Omnipotent:


We have been trying to call your attention to a problem that is of grave importance.

On several occasions, we have tried reaching you through prayers but there has been no response. We even called you on the phone many times but the line was busy.

When the line was clear and we got connected, we were put on hold for decades. We called at a later date and one of your angels informed us that all along you have been busy with your chosen people who were interceding on behalf of the White Race. In spite of what we were told, we continue to complain to you.

Still, for centuries with the assistance of your chosen people, the White Race has incessantly exploited us unmercifully. Yet, we have not heard a word from you.

Almighty God, we are the millions of exploited and oppressed people of the world who live in the ghettoes and slums. We are the dehumanized, segregated and abused people of the world you created.

We were in Africa going about our business when the White people snatched us away from the land of our nativity. We were brought in the western hemisphere only to be made slaves to toil and build a society in which we were not treated as equals.

Over in our homeland, Africa, they colonized our relatives in your name and the good old book – the Bible. The book You supposed to have written. With this book, we were made to believe that our values and cultures were inferior compared to the White Race. They made fun of our speech, our languages and dance. They made fun of our entire cultural hegemony, which they viewed as “improper.” Every fabric of our cultural hegemony was condemned and efforts were made to destroy our entire existence.

Almighty God, it seems that the more we believe in the good old book, the more abused, oppressed exploited and dehumanized we become. We have abided by all of Ten Commandments; built churches on every storefront, on every acre of land we own. We sing praises in Your Name day and night. We never spoke a word without saying Amen. We attend church seven days a week, morning, noon and evening. We gave to the church almost all of our earnings – yet conditions are not improving for us.

Almighty God, having subjected us to this dehumanizing condition, the White people are still getting away with murder. Why? Why, Almighty God, King of Kings, the Most Omniscient? Are we not part of your creation? Right out of the good old book, you said, “I create man in my own image.” Are we not of your image?

Whatever the case may be, we are begging you to do something about our condition soon. Your only begotten Son came and died to save humanity but these people are still refusing to obey your Commandments. Lord, we are growing weary!

For centuries, we have forgiven them 70 X 7 times. We have turned the other cheek too many times. We have not done to them as they have done unto us; because we are waiting on you! We are trying very hard to avoid going back to Moses’ Laws – an “eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” So do something about these people to leave us alone. We cannot take it any longer. We are determined to run our own shows, behave as our culture dictates, speak our own languages, take on our own names, be proud of our heritage, and most importantly, choose our own leaders from among our people.

Therefore, Almighty God, warn these people to leave us alone. We are NOT going to compromise our position this time! We trust in you and know that you will take care of it.

With our love and appreciation, we remain your devoted children.

The Black Race


Is Ebola a sign of the Wrath of God? Ezekiel warned us! He said, “The end is upon us, and I will unleash my anger against you. I will judge you according to your conduct and repay you for all your detestable practices. (Ezekiel 7:3) it seems that we are really in trouble.


Let’s see – what is the biblical understanding of the Wrath of God? The dictionary defined Wrath as “the emotional response to perceived wrong and injustice,” often translated as “anger,” “indignation,” “vexation,” or “irritation.” Both humans and God express Wrath. But there is vast difference between the Wrath of God and the Wrath of man. God’s Wrath is holy and always justified; whereas, man’s Wrath is never holy and can never be justified.


In the Old Testament, the Wrath of God is a divine response to human sin and disobedience. Idolatry was most often the occasion for divine Wrath. Psalm 78:56-66 describes Israel’s idolatry. The Wrath of God is consistently directed towards those who do not follow His will (Deuteronomy 1:26-46; Joshua 7:1; Psalm 2:1-6). The Old Testament prophets often wrote of a day in the future, the “day of Wrath” (Zephaniah 1:14-15). God’s Wrath against sin and

disobedience is perfectly justified because His plan for mankind is holy and perfect, just as God Himself is holy and perfect. God provided a way to gain divine favor—repentance—which turns God’s Wrath away from the sinner. To reject that perfect plan is to reject God’s love, mercy, grace and favor and incur His righteous Wrath.”


Now GOD is saying to the Liberian people, “because of yaw greedy and BAD, BAD WAYS, yaw fought among yawselves like bunch of animals; brothers against brothers; sisters against sisters; friends against friends, and yaw left yaw country in ruin. Despite all the wrongs y’all did, I gave yaw another opportunity to RIGHT yaw WRONGS – still yaw did not change; yaw took me for granted. Now, I am looking to see if yaw will come to yaw senses! I am still in the business of forgiving, but the choice is yaws!”


Let Us Pray!


Our Father, the King of the universe, the God of mercy and our great high priest, we are careful to acknowledge that you are the ultimate solution to the Ebola crisis and ultimate source of our deliverance as a nation, the one who is full of mercy and compassion, who listens to the cries of his children in times of trouble. We are calling upon you, not because we are good or righteous, for who can stand if you judge? Forgive our past sins and do not hold the sins of our fathers against us. We confess that we have been rebellious and disobedient and have opened ourselves to the spirits of darkness, deception and division. Please remove this evil plague that has come into our dwelling. Give your angels charge to remove Ebola from its hiding place/s. We ask you as a people and a nation, wherever we are, not to turn your back on us. We recognize that we have sinned.


Visit us O Lord with your new mercies and let your wind of change propel us to fear you! Turn us again to you O Lord for our hearts are in your hand. For unless you come and save us, we will all perish! Give us a testimony; for the dead cannot praise you. We honor you Lord! We will stand before the congregation and testify of your goodness and mercies as in the days of old when we called upon you and you heard and answered us. We proclaim that your word will be our compass and the foundation upon which we stand. We vow that we will forever submit to your commandments. We are your children, save us O Lord lest we perish. Father, you have been with Liberia from its foundation, be with us again for it is you who choose to have mercy. Show Liberia mercy again and set us on the path of righteousness, we pray. Amen!


Matt.6:9; Psa. 78:34-38; Psa. 130:1-3; Heb.: 10-13, Psa. 91:1; Jer. 33:3, 2 chron. 7:14, Dan. 9:1-19; Ezekiel 36 and 37 and Ps. 145.


(This Prayer was adopted from “Liberia Cries Out To God for Mercy: A Daily Prayer Movement to End Ebola.” It was sent as a prayer request by Sis. Isabel Karnga to the Senior Pastor of the International Christian Fellowship (ICF) Ministries, Rev. Dr. William BGK Harris; for Liberians to pray in the month of October at: 12:00 noon in Liberia and in the U.S.


Siahyonkron Nyanseor is the Chair of the ULAA Council of Eminent Persons (UCEP), Inc. He is a poet, Griot, journalist, and a cultural and political activist. In 2012, he Co-authored Djogbachiachuwa: The Liberian Literature Anthology; his book of poems: TIPOSAH: Message from the Palava Hut is now on the market. Nyanseor can be reached at:

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