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Weah endorsement is a reminder of the opportunistic way we select our political leaders

By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh                    Liberian lawmakers who endorse George Weah's senatorial bid


George Manneh Weah is running for the Liberian senate. He wants to represent Montserrado County.

In fact, 17 opportunistic members of the House of Representatives and Senate; even individuals who are not members of Weah’s Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) political party, are riding the bandwagon in this hype to have Weah elected by any means to the Liberian senate.

They called themselves endorsing Mr. Weah, and he promised them “I’ll serve with distinction.”

“Acknowledging the unifying character of Amb. Weah prompting his preferment as Peach Ambassador of Liberia, we are convinced that the presence of Amb. Weah in the Liberian Senate will further strengthen the capacity to deliver to the Liberia people,” a statement reads.

How can Weah be a “unifying character” in the Liberian senate when he can barely end the chaos and internecine squabbles in his CDC political party? Has Weah shown any substance in terms of leadership in that party on the national front?

In the wake of Ebola when Liberians died and the living are told not to move around because of the deadly virus, Liberian politicians, as usual pushed aggressively to have their mid-term elections in December 2014 for the sake of having one; and are unconcerned that voters are not ready and might not even show up in record numbers because of the stubborn Ebola virus.

These are some of the same individuals who failed to show leadership in the heyday of the virus when it tormeted Liberians.

Oh yes, these are also some of the same incompetent legislators who has yet to call for legislative hearings to either prepare the nation for future public health or national security crisis, or prosecute and fire those who failed to carry out their official duties.

Why should the Liberian people show up to vote when they are unprepared physically, emotionally and psychologically? Why?

Do you expect people who are still grieving the senseless deaths of their loved ones – some of whom were burned or cremated (unheard of in Liberian burial rituals); people who are unemployed and pleading to be fed, and perhaps are going to bed hungry, to stand in line for hours to vote for some ‘good-for-nothing’ politician?

Lord, have mercy!

How long can we continue to take this mess from these individuals who are not known to put people and country first, but continues to push the envelope and our patience, as far as they can?

Are these so-called legislators aware of the change in government in Burkina Faso? When legislators and a dictatorial president behave in an insensitive way, the way some members of the Liberian legislature are now behaving, a nonviolent people’s revolution as we saw in Burkina Faso is the only way to get rid of them.

It doesn’t have to only be Madame Sirleaf who should be impeached or asked to resign. All of them should resign. We need a thorough and complete political “autopsy” in Liberia to change the nation’s politics, constitution, governing style and the insensitive way our politicians respond to the wishes and aspirations of the Liberian people.

We need a political “autopsy” in the Republic of Liberia for elected officials to be responsive and accountable to the Liberian people.

However, I will not be surprise at all if the individuals, the career sycophants who stood by Weah’s side that day proclaiming everything ‘Godly’ about the man even understands where he stands politically on the issues that are important to a Liberian around the street corner, or in other parts of the country.

What I get from this gathering is that the men are sucking up to Weah by positioning themselves for possible ministerial jobs, ambassadorial jobs, and just jobs period, if Weah ever wins the Liberian presidency in 2017.

According to some Liberian political observers, these legislators are sucking up to the popular Weah because they are afraid he could inspire his CDC political party to field candidates in future elections against individuals who refuses to support his senatorial bid.


From what I know about politics, a politicians who knows he or she is standing up and doing with is right cannot and shouldn’t be afraid to defend those convictions.

Knowing they are stealing from the Liberian people by getting those hefty monthly paychecks they are hardly working for, drives a mindless desire to prostitute themselves politically to the highest bidders, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and George Manneh Weah.

This is the kind of opportunistic survival politics those spineless human beings whose egos are as huge as a mountain in Liberia are made of – the kind that puts selfish political interests over national interest.

The question now is why would Weah who supposed to be a statesman and a (celebrated) president in waiting allowed his naked ambitions to be at odd with a national tragedy as grave as the Ebola virus?

It is not that statesmen don’t have legislative and presidential ambitions.

They do!

What separates a true statesman from a wannabe is a sense of timing, patriotism and genuine embrace of his people’s suffering. What drives Weah’s political decisions now is not patriotism, but the Liberian presidency.

To get to the presidency, Weah’s strategy has always been to make a brief stop in the Liberian senate, get a crash course in governance and oratory; continue to maintain the stratospheric popularity that propelled his political ambitions, garner the confidence to lead, then make a splash for the presidency in 2017.

Folks, it seems Liberians haven’t learn from past leadership failures.

Because why would people who suffered so much for too long thrusts their country and a majority of their citizens into such misery, by continuously relying on a failed leadership selection model that hasn’t done the country any good?

The failed sycophantic model of selecting unproven leaders with zero vision and zero ideas have done Liberia more harm than good.





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