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Social networks, with their high informativeness, open new avenues of advertising activity

By  Clemente Ferrer        Clemente Ferrer



Advertising is one of the elements that have greater dynamism in our lives. We are always exposed to advertising but with continued progress and development of new technologies the world of advertising is changing..

Enrique Dans, Professor at IE Business School explains in his column in a spanish newspaper, under the title “Another advertising is possible,” that social networks are the ones that are driving this change. “The advertising schemes that we begin to see in some social applications show quite different patterns to conventional advertising,” he says.

“Against the models based on the interruption, as in ‘you want to see this, but I will try to force you to swallow this one, though you do not really wanna see it’, here are proposals that oppose this scheme” he adds..

In his column, he refers to advertising in “Instagram” which use “the same format as the content, the ad usually is not repeated and it only wants the user to make an ‘I like’, which led him to become ‘follower’ of the brand. This system encourages what the author defines as “complicity” between the consumer and the brand, which “manages to generate a new channel of communication with potential customers.”

The truth is brands want users to follow them on social networks, “either because of its good publicity or reputation, and they want to change the models to be presented to users.”

Snapchat” and “Twitter” follow models based on “lack of insistence, and try to get followers who voluntarily accept communication” Dans points. “These are models that impose a radical change in the way of advertising.

The author also makes clear that he is not talking about an “absolute statement” which, as he concludes his column, “may not be the solution to everything and everyone. But at least it’s the beginning of a different attitude. And certainly, a dose of fresh air that would lead some advertisers to rethink their communication strategy.


Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.

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