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Sinoe Citizens for Accountability & Equal Representation

Borough of New Kru Town
Monrovia, Liberia
Cell: 0777228098/0886211580
December 4, 2014                                                                     Thomas Romeo Quioh
The Committee on Internal Affairs & Governance
The Honorable Liberian Senate
C/O Honorable Armah Z. Jallah, Chairman
Capitol Building, Capitol Hill
Monrovia, Liberia
Dear Honorable Gentlemen:
We, your humble undersigned legitimate citizens of Sinoe County, present our compliments, and respectfully petition the Honorable Liberian Senate, by and through you, to deny and reject the nomination of Mr. Thomas Romeo Quioh by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as Superintendent of Sinoe County. The reasons for our petition are as follows:
  1. The superintendent of any county should be the custodian of public trust and tax payer resources, such as the County Development Funds (CDF) and the Social Development Funds (SDF). Therefore, and in order to ensure public trust in the superintendent, he or she must be trust-worthy and credible. Unfortunately, two state-owned anti-graft institutions, the General Auditing Commission (GAC) and Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), have indicted Mr. Quioh, tainted his character, destroyed his credibility, and portrayed him as a great risk to handle Sinoe County’s financial and other resources.
  2. Specifically, in her balanced and objective Final Report on the CDF and SDF of Sinoe County, dated November of 2014, the Auditor-General of Liberia, Ms. Yusador S. Gaye, indicted Mr. Quioh and others for:
a. Failing to account for US$727,669.20 Sinoe County’s development funds;
b. Making 44 bank payments (totaling US$215,880.20)without voucher supports;
c. Failing to report accurate financial information;
d. Failing to disclose revenue collected;
e. Making payments and failing to include same in the Project Management Committee’s financial reports;
f. Receiving money for six projects abandoned;
g. Signing contracts with (and making payments to) bogus/unregistered companies;
h. Opening and running multiple bank accounts;
i. Indulging into poor and unacceptable accounting practices;
j. Making payments NOT traceable to bank statements;
k. Making payments for so-called scholarships withoutdocumentation;
l. Failure to comply with Budget Laws;
m. Violation of Public Procurement & Concession Commission Laws;
n. Running a flawed asset management regime without fixed assets register and policy; and Making unsupported payments;
o. Willfully violating the Budget Laws prohibiting two signatories of the same category from signing together on single checks, claiming to auditors that a senior government, such as he, with a graduate degree and long service in Government was not aware of such prohibition;
p. Opening and operating four bank accounts for the CDF and SDF in total DISREGARD for the Budget Laws of Liberia.
Interestingly, Honorable gentlemen, the records indicate that Superintendent-designate Quioh was given an opportunity by the GAC auditors and LACC fraud investigators to explain his side of the charges against him. He took advantage of the opportunity, but his excuses made no sense to both the GAC and the LACC. Hence, his indictment (please see attachments). Kindly note that the audit and investigation only covered the periods July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2013. Much more may have happened beyond this period, judging from the very troubling illegal and fraudulent activities under discussion.
Esteemed Senators, we recognize and respect the President’s constitutional right to choose and nominate county superintendents. Equally, we know that the Liberian people, through the current Constitution, under the doctrine of separation of powers, have empowered you (the people’s deputies) to vet the nominees and ensure that they meet the highest level of credibility, honesty, and competence required for the position of superintendent.
Additionally, we sincerely believe that the Liberian people elected you because they know, as we do, that you possess the unflinching desire to act right on their behalf in cases like this. Above all, we file this petition because your track record gives us no reason to entertain any doubt that you will do justice in this case without fear or favor. We are very confident that you, the embodiment of public trust, will NOT knowingly confirm a man indicted for major economic crimes against the state to serve as superintendent of Sinoe County.
Honorable Senators, we cannot (and would not) overemphasize the sacredness of the role assigned you by the Liberian people to ensure the sanity and credibility of individuals nominated by the President to serve in key positions of trust. We can (and would) only pray that God continues to give you the enduring courage and tenacity to execute this sacred responsibility to the best of your ability so that the Liberian people and posterity will remember you kindly, even long after you are gone from the Senate.
Honorable Senators, you need no lecture, for you are fully aware, that the Liberian Government spends millions of tax payer dollars annually to run many anti-graft institutions, such as the GAC, LACC, PPCC, IAA, and the PAC. This is why you, our leaders, should NEVER allow any public official to violate the laws and disregard the works of these agencies.
We believe you will do justice in this case. We trust you. May God sanctify the works of your hands, and bless Liberia.
Andrew C. Gmatoh
J. Aloysius Pannoh
Prince S. Suku
Wilson T. Tweh
C. Kayjleh Blyee
Grover King Koffa
Isaac Toe Nyenkan

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