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UNITY PARTY-USA – Press Release

National Board of Directors
Unity Party, USA branch
The National Leadership of the National Association of Members of the Unity Party in the Americas (UP-USA), under the dynamic and capable leadership of the National Executive Committee and the National Board of Directors, has learned with indignation and disdain the needless act of judicial interference by the Supreme Court of Liberia in the 2014 Senatorial Election in Liberia. Liberia’s highest court has done this by the issuance of a ‘Writ of Prohibition ’instructing the National Election Commission (NEC) to place a stay on further participation in the official certification exercise as conducted by the commission on Cllr. Varney G. Sherman, Senator- Elect of Grand Cape Mount County, Hon. Morris G. Saytumah, Senator-Elect of Bomi County, and Dr. Jim Womba Tornonlah, Senator-Elect of Margibi County. The Supreme Court’s interference in the electoral process, which is tantamount to an attempt to thwart the democratic will of the people of Bomi, Grand Cape Mount and Margibi Counties, is based on protests filed by some of the candidates that lost the senatorial elections in the aforementioned counties.
Clearly, while we respect the right of candidates to protest perceived voting irregularities, the fact is that the representatives of the candidates that protested, who were posted at the various polling stations in these three counties, did certify that the elections were free and fair. And this was evidenced by them affixing their signatures to the various tally sheets that constituted the basis for the declaration of the final results. So, the question is how can these candidates, who lost alleged voting irregularities, after their own representatives have attested to the fairness of the voting process? Clearly, the Supreme Count of Liberia has a very tenuous basis for interfering in the electoral process.
The National Leadership wishes to state without equivocation that the interference of the Supreme Court of Liberia into election matters without the appropriate course of the law does not just only remove scar from a healing wound, but represents a total disregard for the national election laws of Liberia. In turn, this has several resulting negative effects. First, it sets a bad precedent by undermining the credibility and integrity of the National Elections Commission of Liberia. Second, it will serve as a fresh reminder to the common people about the carnage and mayhem that they suffered from the country’s two brutal civil wars, as the result of undemocratic governance perpetrated by the hegemony of the True Whig Party, the dictatorial junta of Samuel Doe, including the hijacking of the 1985 Presidential and Legislative Elections masterminded by Emmett Harmon, the “fix-it-man,” and the garrison regime of Charles Taylor.
Undoubtedly, any attempt to deny the people of these counties participatory democracy vis a vis their popular, as was done in the past, is an affront to equity, is counter-productive to the peacebuilding process, and has the propensity to undermine and derail the peace process. Against this backdrop, surely history will prove that the Supreme Court of Liberia is on the wrong side, since the essence of democracy is the unfettered exercise of the free will of the people, as expressed through their own volition to freely elect leaders, who will be accountable to them.
In view of the foregoing, we sincerely call on the Supreme Court of Liberia to unconditionally vacate the ‘Writ of Prohibition,’ and to instruct the National Election Commission to proceed with the certification of the Senators-Elect. Similarly, in the spirit of nationalism, we are also calling on all Senators in Chamber to delay election of the President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, until the High Court can make good on its commitment to uphold the election laws of Liberia, by referring complaints emanating from the 2014 Senatorial Election to its proper county jurisdictions, in the interest of transparency.
We strongly believe that the Supreme Court of Liberia has Justices with impeccable character and credibility, who have served our dear country well. Therefore, we must quickly remind those who are seeking the opportunity to undermine the democratic gains that have been made in the past decade that our dear country will not return to its unsavory past of ignoring the democratic will of the people of Liberia. In this light, the Supreme Court of Liberia, our country’s highest court, can help send a clear message that we are building a new country on the basis of the respect for the will of the people, the rule of law, fairness and equity. If the Supreme Court takes this course of action, it will reverberate throughout Liberia and the entire world. Ultimately, it will give Liberians a sense of renewed hope, and encourage foreign investors, and others who are interested in assisting our dear country in its arduous quest to build a just and durable peace that Liberia has bid farewell to the era of undemocratic governance!
Writing on behalf of the National Board of Directors, I remain
Mr. Leo Mulbah
Secretary General
National Board of Directors

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