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Unity Party-USA Dissociates Itself from Condemnation of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia by Expelled Ex-Member, Leo Mulbah of the Georgia Chapter

This Press Release comes to inform the People of Liberia, Friends of the Unity Party, and the General Public at large, both in the United States / Diaspora and the Republic of Liberia that the recent press statement published on The Liberian Dialogue (an online electronic media in the State of Georgia) on January 09, 2015, under the signature of Mr. Leo Mulbah, as Secretary General of the National Board of Directors of UP-USA does not represent the official views of the National Association of Members of the Unity Party in the Americas / Diaspora (UP-USA).

Without judicious facts, Mr. Mulbah proceeded to use the logo and letterhead of UP-USA with a heading that reads “Unity Party – USA Press Release,” unilaterally, repugnantly, and reprehensibly condemning the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia, terming its action as “needless act of judicial interference” regarding a Writ of Prohibition recently filed with that court after the just ended Mid-term Senatorial election in Liberia.

For the records, Mr. Mulbah has no legal authority to write or speak for UP-USA or as Secretary General of the National Board of Directors (NBOD) of UP-USA. Mr. Mulbah was expelled in 2014 by the full membership for UP-USA (UP-USA Letter: Reference# NAUP/USA/ANC/142/2013; Dated: November 26, 2013) while serving as a member of the National Board of Directors (NBOD), representing UP-USA Georgia Chapter after violating the organization’s Bylaws and Constitution, Article XX; Section III: Non-Committal & Forbidden Acts, as noted below:

“No member shall use the National Association’s name, credit, or property for any purpose not associated with the National Association; and that any individual, organization, or collection of people who adopts the name or purposely adopts the name (Unity Party) within the context of this organization that is not recognized by the parent organization within the new Unity Party in the Diaspora/Americas by and through the National Chairman of UP/Liberia, shall be in clear violation of these bylaws and will be subject to legal remedy within the territorial jurisdiction in which the violation occurred.”

Although Mr. Mulbah’s written statement as published on The Liberian Dialogue appears to be sentiments expressed by some Liberians in many quarters in the United States / Diaspora, he should have published his “article of opinion” as an individual and not as a member of UP-USA. We believe that Mr. Mulbah’s behavior is intended to mislead the general public by intentionally placating his views, without authority of UP-USA; using its official logo, letterhead and insignia.

UP-USA condemns this dishonorable act and wishes to inform the general public that Mr. Mulbah is not the spokeperson, never has been, and currently has no association with UP-USA.

UP-USA also notes in this public manner that Mr. Mulbah’s action is self-serving, self-promoting, reprehensible, and appaling; and a poignant reminder of a similar offense that led to his expulsion in 2014.

On the question of the role of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia as it relates to the recent Writ of Prohibition filed with said Court, it is clear that the Court has Appellate and original jurisdiction over all judicious matters in the Republic of Liberia. However, to condemn the Supreme Court, the final arbiter in all judicious matter in the Republic of Liberia without the Court rendering a final judgment is like putting the cart before the horse; but moreover, a disservice to the integrity and credibility of those esteem Liberians who served on this High Court in our Homeland.

As an independent Liberian organization duly registered, incorporated, and licensed as a non – profit association under the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) in Washington, DC USA, we again called on Mr. Leo Mulbah to desist from using UP-USA logo, letterhead and insignia.

Thanks for reading…

Signed by:

Hon. Fulton Shannon

Acting National Secretary General

UP-USA / Diaspora

Telephone: (609)315-1620 Email:

Attested by:

Dr. Anthony A. Kanneh, Ed.D (ABD)

Acting National Chairman

UP-USA / Diaspora

Telephone: (347)798-4070 Email:

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