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Chairman Reeves’ response to Pres. Mulbah (charges) regarding community center


        Joseph R. Reeves
January 29, 2015
Dear Officers & Members of the Liberian Community in Georgia:                                 
I am writing this letter in response to the misinformation and smear campaign orchestrated against me by Mr. Leo Mulbah, President of LAMA. It is with some degree of hesitation that I am using this public forum because I do not find it prudent to ‘wash our dirty clothes’ in the public. However, since Mr. Mulbah has chosen to go public without first exhausting administrative remedies; I am left with no choice but to tell my side of the story. I am very concern about the division and distraction this exercise will cause the Liberian community in Georgia; which has been making some unprecedented progress (as the result of the collective effort of the community) in the past few months. Please review the following and make your decision based upon the facts:
  1. What prompted my visit to REMAX was the outcome of the January 12, 2015 Joint Leadership Meeting. A decision was reached to cancel the contract with REMAX. The Joint Leadership Meeting acting upon the directives of the General Assembly given on January 11, 2015; to resolve all contractual issues affecting LAMA; mandated the President to cancel the agreement with REMAX. Mr. Mulbah assured the Joint leadership meeting that the contract will be cancelled the next day. More than a week after, Mr. Mulbah had not cancel the agreement. When I spoke to Mr. Mulbah on the 20th of January, he said he had not received any response from REMAX. When I did not hear from Mr. Mulbah, I became concern about the veracity of his statement. This led me to review the REMAX contract. It was during the revision that I discovered that the agent name and number on the contract did not match Ms. Boima’s name and number; that the agent’s license had expired since 2013;( See EXHIBIT “1”) and that the broker’s name and number was not on the contract. So I as Chairman of the Board was under obligation to conduct my independent fact finding and report the outcome to the Board or the Joint leadership meeting. Therefore, I made an appointment to meet Mrs. Slovakia Mike on January 22, 2015; and she agreed to meet with me on the next day, January 23, 2015 at 3:00 P.M.
  2. Another reason that prompted my visit to REMAX was when I discovered that since the contract was signed in October 2014, LAMA has not been listed on any of the MLS nor FMLS sites; which is in violation of the contract.It became of concern to me because it has contributed to the poor revenue generation the Community Center is experiencing. I was also prompted to visit REMAX because I had identified some discrepancies in the contract with REMAX.
  3. Based upon the above, I consulted with Mr. Cascius Acolatse, a Realtor and former Vice President of LAMA; and urged him to join me in my meeting with Mrs. Slovakia Mike of REMAX. The meeting was a fact finding meeting to clarify my concerns about the contract and to ensure that LAMA’s interest was fully protected.
  4. However, to my surprise, Mrs. Slovakia Mike, the broker with whom I held the meeting, turned out to be an informant and confidante of Ms. Miatta Boima; by virtue of the email which is circulating within the community; bearing her name and email address.
  5. Upon receipt of the said email, and the mass email from Mr. Mulbah, I called and sent a text message to Mr. Mulbah to establish whether or not he is the author of the email smearing my character. He has yet to respond. Meanwhile, several officials and members of LAMA have authenticated the fact that the email was from Mr. Mulbah; as he has spoken to them about the matter.
  6. Thereafter, I prepared a notarized letter to Mrs. Mike, the REMAX broker, disputing the allegation in the email allegedly written by her; and expressing displeasure over the fact that she chose to misrepresent the facts and to behave in an unprofessional manner by spreading falsehood to Ms. Boima about the meeting that was held with her. See EXHIBIT “2”.
  7. That, reviewing the Lease Agreement LAMA entered into with Q & C Investment; in which Kelly Williams is listed as the broker and Ms Miatta Boima is listed as the Broker’s agent, one will note the information about the broker and the agent are indisputable. However, the management contract with REMAX presented a lot of puzzles which I sought to unravel by my visit to REMAX. (See copies of the signature page of both contracts marked as EXHIBIT “3” and EXHIBIT “4” attached. )
  8. There are serious problems affecting the operation and management of the Community Center; if unattended will result in the loss of all of LAMA’s investment. For instance, the monthly expenses of the property are about $6,200.00 including utilities. The Center’s income for four months since the lease was procured – October 1, 2014 to January 28, 2015 has only amounted to the sum of $4,590.00; leaving a deficit of $15,410.00. According to the terms of the contact signed, the Property manager is obligated to raise at least $5,000.00 monthly. If the trend continues, LAMA will be unable to maintain the property; and will eventually lose the building. (See EXHIBIT“5” an excerpt of the contract attached.)
  9. The lack of transparency and sound business practice exhibited by the President will land the Association in trouble with public officials and the State of Georgia if corrective measures are not taken immediately. Despite several meetings and assurances, the current President of LAMA continues to run the Association without regard for constituted authorities. Worst still, his gross disrespect towards some officials of the Association is mind boggling.
    Here are some indisputable facts:
  1. On October 1, 2014, Mr. Leo Mulbah entered into a contractual agreement with Ms Miatta Boima (as Agent of REMAX) without the knowledge and consent of the Board in violation of Rule 3.6 of LAMA Code of Ethics. It will interest you to note that they were the only two signatories to the said agreement.
  2. On October 12, 2014, Mr. Mulbah misled the General Assembly stating that he had not signed any contract with REMAX.
  3. On October 24, 2014, Mr. Mulbah misled the Board of Directors during a meeting, that he had not signed the contract with REMAX.
  4. On November 8, 2014, during a joint Board of Directors and Advisory Board meeting, he again misled the joint meeting stating that he had not signed the contract with REMAX. Relying upon his misleading statement, the Joint meeting offered some recommendations to be included in the contract. (See copy of the Minutes of the Joint Leadership meeting on November 8, 2014, marked as EXHIBIT ”6”).
  5. On November 14, 2014, the Board of Directors communicated with Mr. Mulbah expressing its displeasure with the fact that he had signed the contract on October 1, 2014; and was misrepresenting to the Board that he had not signed the contract. (See copy of the Board’s letter marked as EXHIBIT “7” attached to this document).
  6. On December 18, 2014, Mr. Mulbah, in an email, informed the Chairman of the Advisory Board that he had instructed LAMA’s Treasurer to include the Agent of REMAX as signatory to the escrow account and to issue a debit card for the use of the said REMAX’s Agent. It is interesting to note that the REMAX agent is also the paramour of the President and the manager of the Community Center. This action which was in contravention of Article 13, Section 2 of LAMA’s Constitution – “No new account and bank card should be allowed without the approval of the General Assembly.”See EXHIBIT “8”
  7. The President’s relationship with Ms Miatta Boima has clouded his judgment; is a“Conflict of Interest”; and a gross breach of ethical standards established in most work places across the United States. According to LAMA’s Constitution Article XII, Section 2, subtitled: “General Comportment”: “Every member is expected to develop a high sense of duty, commitment and discipline regarding matters related to LAMA. Members should treat one another with respect at all times, and avoid making comments of a provocative nature. No member shall engage in any illegal or immoral act(s) punishable by law. Under Rule 4.4 ( b ) of the Code of Conduct, subtitled: “Ethical Relations Among Officers and Members”: .”A member or officers shall refrain from derogatory and inflammatory acts during meetings of the General Assembly and any community event. Every step should be taken to preserve the dignity and respect of LAMA”.
  1. There is a need for a comprehensive investigation and review of all documents associated with the Center to ensure that LAMA is in compliance with existing rules, regulations and laws. The lease agreement and all other documents associated with the Community Center need to be thoroughly scrutinized to avoid violations of existing State regulations and laws.Preliminary investigation reveals that some documents were procured under questionable circumstances. If we as leaders do not act swiftly, we will regret for not doing so.
  2. We cannot sit supinely and allow the Association to return to the dark days of no progress.LAMA is a “community property” and not a personal property of the current President; as such, accountability and transparency must be the rule and not the exception.
  3. The current President masquerades as though he is solely responsible for the current progress LAMA has made; and is quick to brand others who disagree with him as “enemies of progress”.Therefore, we as leaders must not be complacent; neither should we acquiesce by our refusal to take timely action when things are not been done in the right way.I don’t have to recount the enormous contribution and sacrifices I have made towards the establishment of the Community Center.The record speaks for itself; and if the President is sincere, he will attest to this fact.
  4. It is not my desire to “witch-hunt”,“assassinate character” or “falsely accuse” anyone in LAMA. However, the interest of LAMA must be placed above individual self interest. We cannot afford to turn back the clock. Mr. Leo Mulbah cannot run the Association without accountability.
    In view of the foregoing, I challenge Mr. Mulbah to controvert the evidence listed above. I also which to inform the Liberian Community, that I have not exhausted all the evidence against Mr. Mulbah. However, in the spirit of Peace and Unity, the Board of Directors will be convening a meeting to discuss this matter.
    May God Bless and Keep our Beloved Community and Liberia
    Respectfully Submitted:
    Joseph R. Reeves

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