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SOS call for Little Grace Kamara

DSC07471By Moses O. Browne, Jr.




A few months ago, an SOS CALL was made for little Grace Kamara, the 1-yr old child who is going blind. NO HELP has come her way yet and her situation is deteriorating. According to medical report, she is suffering from left eye Retinoblastomia and Enophthalmia of the right eye. The doctor who did the diagnosis recommended that she seeks medical attention abroad. I spoke to the doctor this morning via mobile and he explained the case to me. He said ‘Korle,’ but the hospital in Ghana can handle.

Little Grace Kamara was not born blind.
Her blindness started as a burning sensation in her eyes 6 months ago.
She was born December 14, 2013 in Monrovia, Liberia.
She has visited several hospitals in Liberia for cure but, to no avail.
Little Grace Kamara is appealing to philanthropists, humanitarian
organizations, charity groups to please come to her aid to help restore her
Doctors say little Grace can regain her sight but, not in Liberia.
She would require maximum medical attention and treatment to see again.
He mother Maiama Quoi is appealing for urgent help.
She can be contacted on the following numbers +231775849018 +231886764543
Her mother can be contacted on +231775849018

Amb. Moses Owen Browne, Jr.
Global Youth Ambassador
A World at School Email:
Cell: +231886493370 / +231770009018 /+231776859183
Central MatadiĀ  Community
Monrovia, Liberia

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