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Barway Collins’ tragic death at the hands of his dad, and a culture of dishonesty

By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh                            Barway Collins




The story is all too unfamiliar because Liberians are not normally involved in the killing of their children for insurance money in the United States.

If this cruel act had occurred in Liberia, it wouldn’t have surprised me at all, because killing and cutting human beings into pieces for their human parts is like a fad that takes place all the time for job promotions, and other wicked and silly imaginary reasons.

Since we are thousands of miles away from Liberia living in this strange land, I would think we would leave behind the negative things that got us behind in the first place – and also leave behind the things that made us to leave our country for another country to live and at least breathe freely.

So when authorities in Crystal, Minnesota, arrested Pierre Collins for the alleged gruesome murder of his son, Barway Collins, our collective world turned upside down because we Liberians in the United States have never experienced such thing here, because this is not Liberia.


Oh yes, I remember some Liberians once turned on other Liberians during that senseless civil war of ‘liberation’ decades ago and murdered, raped and maimed countless innocent Liberians, to prove their delusional points.

But this is not Liberia.

So when little Barway Collins’ dad was arrested for killing his own son to collect the more than $100,000 in insurance payment he set his sight on, we were all shocked to know that a monster Liberian who’s capable of killing his own child was living among us.

Yes, it happened in Crystal, Minnesota.

Barway was missing March 18 as he got off his school bus in front of his apartment. His body was found floating in the Mississippi River on April 11.

Now his father, Pierre Collins has been charged with his murder, awaiting sentencing. Pierre Collins is on $2 million bond, charged with second-degree murder.

And of course, we are relieved that Pierre Collins’ evil act was uncovered, and authorities were able to apprehend him before he ever could put his hands on the money that prompted this evil act.

However, the death of little Barway Collins is one story.

It is an evil story that touched countless strangers and even some Liberians who felt the betrayal of a parent that befell his kid in a strange land.

So touched by the gruesome death of the 10-year old, total strangers who could relate to the tragedy, mourned with the family and donated money for his funeral.

Sadly, the other excruciatingly painful story is the behavior of those so-called ‘concerned Liberians’ who are supposedly friends of the family who stole the money, and cannot account for the money that was collected on behalf of young Barway.

It is a shame that corruption is alive and well among us in America. The culture of dishonesty and naked and shameless in-your-face stealing that got our country backward and ancient, followed us all the way to America.

If we cannot account for money that was collected to bury a dead child who was brutally taken away from us, how then can we put our mouths on the Sirleaf administration about corruption in her government?

And if we think corruption is only a Sirleaf administration and Liberia problem, we are making a mistake, because corruption is a chronic problem among us right here in the United States.

Louise Karluah arrived in the United States on a Humanitarian parole permit to bury her son, Barway Collins.

Little Barway was buried May 2, 2015.





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