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Varnester Maday Kiatamba deserves justice: Prosecute Darlington George, the monster, for this cowardly act

By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh      Darlington George


How can it happen in a Sirleaf administration that prides itself of protecting women’s rights? How can it be?

Oh, but when you are quoted as being the president’s “son” who can beat a woman and also order your aides with your blessings to brutalize a helpless woman for talking back to you, I guess, you are above the law.

The monster he is, Darlington George shouldn’t get away with this one. Why should he? He could, of course because it is Liberia, a lawless country; and only in Liberia perhaps where government officials, family members, presidential friends, political cronies and former warlords can get away with murder, corruption and just about any criminal act, because they are one of the above.

According to eyewitnesses on the scene of the gruesome incident, it all happened when the victim, Ms. Varnester Maday Kiatamba, was caught in the middle of a dispute between her friends and Mr. Darlington George, who came close to running over them with the (government) vehicle he was driving at the time.

Darlington George who bragged, “Nothing can be done to me” because he is the president’s son, was Deputy Director for Operations of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) of the Executive Mansion at the time, which made him to believe he is above the law, as is customary in Liberia.

When Ms. Kiatamba approached Mr. George about the vehicle coming close to hitting them, according to reports, he became furious and began to call she and her friends “prostitutes.”

Ms. Kiatamba, fearless as she was returned the insults at Mr. George, and even went further by insulting his mother. It was during this time that Mr. George allegedly started “punching and kicking” Ms. Kiatamba, and also ordered his bodyguards to “hit her with a bottle in her head,” which knocked her to the ground, left her face wounded with blood spewing everywhere, and caused her to faint on the scene.

Only in Liberia, my people; only in Liberia!

And how long can this lawlessness go on?

This is why we need to continue to advocate the building of credible, legitimate, neutral and independent institutions that will protect our people, our women, our children, and the Liberian people in general.

This is not the first time we have seen or heard government officials, presidential family members, presidential cronies and loyalists and former warlords, take the law into their hands by either raining verbal or physical assaults on others because of their closeness to the President of Liberia, and their positions in government.

Remember some members of the Liberian Legislature in the past and present, Chucky Taylor, Mary Broh and others, are guilty of this craziness?

This “you know who am I?” nonsense must stop, now!

According to reports, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf relieved Mr. Darlington George of his post as Deputy Director for Operations of the Executive Protection Service (EPS).

What’s next?

So every decision stops at the doors of the imperial president? Again, only in Liberia, supposedly a ‘democracy.’

Now that Mr. George has been fired from his job, which was done immediately because the story is still fresh, do we just sit back and fall asleep? No!

This is the time for Liberians to fight back by putting pressure on their elected Representatives and Senators (if they will ever listen) to make some laws, and just don’t get a paycheck and be in name only.

How spineless and toothless can these Monrovia-based so-called lawmakers be?

This is also the time for the Ministry of Justice and the Gender Ministry to seriously look into this case and the gross abuse of this lady’s rights. We as Liberians demand justice.

Equally so, Ms. Kiatamba deserves justice.

The Liberian Legislature cannot and shouldn’t sleep on this one. If they are sleeping, they need to wake up now and pass serious legislations that protect Liberians. Any comment from the would-be presidential candidates?

Anyway, where are the home-based Liberian advocates and the Liberian press?









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