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Any sea erosion policy, and flood control plan or policy from the Sirleaf administration?

By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh                Flooding in Liberia




The sea is out of control in the Republic of Liberia.

Yes, in the nation’s backyard, and no one is paying attention. Not even the political leadership.

From New Kru Town (Monrovia), to Greenville, Sinoe County, from Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, to other coastal communities.

Liberia is slowly and quietly going under.

Homes are disappearing, neighborhoods and coastlines are disappearing, and all that is left are vague memories of what we used to have, and what it used to be like in a particular community.

What is forgotten is the total and complete abandonment of those communities by the Sirleaf administration and past administrations.

There are no plans and policies in place to counter the sea erosion crisis in Liberia, and there are no policies to restore the nation’s disappearing beaches. There are no flood control plan or policy either.

With no policies in place to contain the sea erosion problems that has taken over a chunk of Liberia, the nonchalant President Ellen Johnson Sirlief is simply waiting and waiting (I guess) to leave the problem with the next administration.

We all know what’s going to happen.

The new administration most definitely will also play blind to the nation’s flooding and sea erosion crisis as if they don’t exist; the same attitude we have seen over and over with successive administrations, even as the sea continues to wreak havoc in neighborhoods all across coastal Liberia.

The sea threatens even D. Twe High School and the OAU villa daily.

As for D-Twe High School, it is just a matter of time for that high school to go under. Yet, Madame Sirleaf and her Ministry of Education, and public works ministry are waiting for disaster to happen before they can tell the people in the New Kru Town community what Madame Sirleaf and her heartless flunkies should have done, and could have done, to save D-Twe High School.

As for the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, well, those ministries, (as usual) are awaiting directives from their president to act.

At least, if the frequently traveled Ellen Johnson Sirleaf can stay at home to focus on the nation’s massive problems instead of visiting or preparing to visit every country on earth, and attending every international event, perhaps she could pay attention to the problems at home.

Madame Sirleaf is one of the most traveled Presidents in the history of the Republic of Liberia.

With all the traveling this president is doing, what really is the role of the Minister of Foreign Affairs?

Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan, the current Foreign Minister and one Ellen’s ‘sons’ is a token bureaucrat who is good at playing the quiet, smiling servant, and get along team player role – the guy who is Foreign Minister in name only.

With no accountability and legislative oversight, Madame Sirleaf seems to be meddling in international negotiations and doing more traveling than the Minister of Foreign Affairs, whose job is to do the traveling and negotiate on behalf of the nation.

It is also raining daily in Liberia (Monrovia), and the streets are flooded.

Whenever it rains, life and daily living in Monrovia are in a complete lock down.

Again, where is the Sirleaf administration in all of this?

Where are the national sea erosion and beach restoration plans and policies? Any national flood control policy and plans from the Sirleaf administration?

As usual, and instead of the Liberian people challenging the Sirleaf administration and taking to the streets to demand action, they also are watching and chasing those untested, pie in the sky, dreamy presidential candidates.

Liberians like to react when sea erosion destroys their homes and neighborhoods, or when Monrovia is in a lock down because of flooding.

Liberians should take to the streets to demand actions from their government – for the Sirleaf administration to present to the nation a flood control plan, erosion control plan, garbage collections plan, beach restoration plan, a plan to buy modern flush/drainage trucks to clean the current drainage systems, or a plan to build modern storm drainage systems.

Again, some are talking and dreaming of a new capital city in Bong County, as if it will make any difference.

Running away from problems does not solve problems. Having a new capital will not solve our current problems either.

We need caring and responsive political leaders. Vote them out or don’t vote for them at all, the next time.

We need actions from the Liberian people.  It is your country.

Wake up!

You live in Liberia, you are the ones feeling the pain and the inconvenience.

Stand up and take your country back.




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