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President Sirleaf Must Take Action Against Ritualistic Killings Now!

By Moses Owen Browne, Jr.


Madame President,                  Moses Brown Jr

It’s barely two weeks since you addressed the nation. Your call to action as delivered touched on several key national issues including economic stagnation, governance, rule of law, peace and security.

“… We are witnessing a rise in what appears to be ritualistic killings and armed robbery across the country – thus threatening our security. Let me assure you, fellow citizens, that the government is fully aware of what is taking place and is currently taking steps to contain these wanton acts of violence,” said Madame Sirleaf.

Madame President, the most gruesome murders are happening to men, women and children with total impunity. Even though, your police director has ordered his men to “shoot to kill,” these murders are called ‘ritual killings’ and they are performed in a horrible manner in order to harvest ‘spare parts,  ears, tongue, eyes, heart, kidneys, blood, flesh and skin of innocent children.

Madame President, we are yet to see and feel these steps as assured. Let me bring to your attention again the waves of ritualistic killings across Liberia. Just two weeks after your message, we are awaken to another ritualistic killing of little Alvin and Rubin of the VOA community Block D on RIA Highway.

Alvin and Rubin, 4 and 7 years respectively, left their parents’ home to school one morning. According to the story, they were put out of school for overdue tuition. They left their campus at 10 a.m. and were believed to be on their way home until they went missing and later discovered dead.

Madame President, whilst we accept your assurance that the government is fully aware of what is taking place and is currently taking steps to contain these wanton acts of violence. We are living in fear and can no longer send our children to school for fear that they could be the next victims.

Madame President, this academic year has already been for us and our dearly beloved children, the toughest year for education. The many attacks on children including Ebola has limited our children’s ability to succeed academically.

Education has been one of the first casualties of the Ebola outbreak. Nearly 1.5 million children are out of school due to Ebola-related school closures and other factors.

Madame President, we cannot afford to stop our children from attending school because of ritualistic killings. There should be no barriers to our children obtaining quality education.*

Please act very fast to stop the ritualistic killings in Liberia.

Moses Owen Browne, Jr. is Global Youth Ambassador for Education, A World at School. Email:
Cell: +231886493370 / +231770009018 /+231776859183

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