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When flying becomes irritating: My experience with (Nigerian) Arik Air

‪By Moses Owen Browne, Jr.        Arik Air



Air Arik Airlines has been flying to Liberia for sometimes now and I have heard passengers complained of maltreatment.
Sometimes I feel people complain about everything, not until I had my own share of the neglect and ill-treatment on January 29 ‪at Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos.

Now, I believe some claims and complaints are legitimate no matter where or who they come from. I experienced some of the ordeals many Arik Air passengers complained about in the past.

My flight from Monrovia to Dakar was worse than a 100k Marathon; tiring, boring, non-entertaining and above all total disregard for passenger’s rights and feelings by the flight crew and attendants.

We boarded the flight around 11:15 a. m.; not the 10:50 a. m. booking time recorded on my e-ticket for January 29, 2016.

We arrived in Accra 12:45 p. m. (local time). The flight thereafter departed Accra at about 1:50 p. m. (local time) and arrived in Lagos at 3:50 p. m.

We had to transit for at least four (4) hours in Lagos expecting to be airborne at 7:40 p. m. (local time).

Haven’t sat at Murtala Mohammed Airport for nearly eight (8) hours without any reasons we are told of the delay, (at least passengers are curious to know something), an Arik Air attendant walked to the already derisive and annoyed passengers and said: “we are just awaiting the flight crew to pick-up, just give us another 30 minutes some of the crew members are still home getting ready to come, once they are here we will leave” he said without any remorse.

A female passenger tried to inquire “so what is the problem? Why have you kept us here nearly nine hours without telling us that the crew members were not ready, neither are they even here at the Airport; even though the flight has been around since 7:20 p. m.”?

Arik Air attendant response: “you don’t know this is Arik Air, you think you have your own way here. I have told you just wait, when we are ready to go, I will communicate that to you, a discourteous Nigerian fellow remarked”.

This is how unprofessional, disrespectful and sickening the attendants were.

We finally departed Lagos at 10:00pm (local time) arriving in Dakar 2:00 a. m., (local time) January 30, 2016.

By virtue of my position, I am a regular traveler and always in Dakar, Senegal to provide technical and strategic support for Plan International West and Central Africa Region (Plan WARO Office). I am currently here for the regional communications managers meeting.

I am not going to explain further the abuses and exchanges passengers had with the Nigerian Arik Air attendants at Murtala Mohammed Airport last night.

However, I feel I need to let travelers worldwide know what happens all the times with Arik Air, and so they could take a decision that may change the unprofessional attitude of this Airline…

Moses Owen Browne, Jr. can be reached at email: Cell: +231886493370 / +231770009018 /+231776859183 Central Matadi  Community, Monrovia, Liberia

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