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In Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s overreaching presidency, manipulation of investigations and autopsies surrounding mysterious killings is leadership: Really?

By Tewroh- Wehtoe Sungbeh         Harry A Greaves


If I were to make a movie about the Sirleaf administration (which I really don’t intend to do anytime soon), the themes would center around corruption, political killings, NOCAL, nepotism, lawlessness, underdevelopment, human suffering and incompetence.

Key in the lineup would be the current president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, whom perhaps because of her gender, and because she is not presidents Tubman, Tolbert, Doe and Taylor who helped to destroy Liberia, was trusted with such Herculean task of stabilizing a nation in crisis.

The movie would be rich in action and suspense, and will include all the bad actors once believed to have what it takes to move Liberia in the right direction of creating jobs, prosperity, respect for the rule of law and good governance, etc.

Unfortunately, the coming of the heroine, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, once believed to be what the nation needed to fix a broken country, failed miserably to deliver competent and visionary leadership, provide goods and services, and at least give hope to a traumatized and suffering people.

Bad things are happening in Liberia today that can be traced to Madame Sirleaf’s weak, incompetent, enabling and no leadership style, which created an atmosphere of intolerance and impunity.

Those bad things should be documented and exposed to the world to show that Liberia is not safe, and living conditions in Liberia is not as good as Madame Sirleaf and her diehard supporters want the world and the Liberian people to believe.

The visuals of abject poverty and human suffering, underdevelopment, corruption, nepotism, the killings of Greaves, Allison and others, and the recycling of those physically abusive and corrupt government officials from one post to the other are worth retelling in graphic details.

When some of us accept the challenge (with our own lives on the line) to tell the painful stories about Madame Sirleaf’s lack of leadership and the bad things that are happening on her watch, all we are told is “the old ma is trying her best.” And we should “leave the old ma alone.”

How can any sane Liberian leave Ellen Johnson Sirleaf alone at this critical time, when her presidency is so overreaching and over the top to the point that she has destroyed the country in every shape and form?

After all, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf did not leave Samuel Kanyon Doe alone. And whenever she had the chance, she harassed him and even encouraged a civil war that killed hundreds of thousands and destroyed a country.

With her fundraising prowess, financial blessings and few paid local mercenaries, Madame Sirleaf helped to eventually topple the Doe administration.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf did not run for the Liberian presidency for her blind supporters to continue to tell her critics that the “Oldma is trying her best.”

The recent mysterious deaths of political insider Harry A. Greaves, Jr., whistleblower Michael Allison and banker Dan Ologun, which most observers now connects to the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) and the ongoing corruption investigation by the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission, seriously proves that Madame Sirleaf is not trying her best to lead the nation.

How much is this Oldma trying her best when Darlington George, who as Deputy Director of Operations of the Executive Protection Service (EPS), beats and bloodied a young lady, Varnester Maday Kiatama, because she rightfully questioned his out of control behavior?

Mr. George was later fired, however, after the noise settled and the cameras and the press turned the other way, Madame Sirleaf reportedly rehired Mr. George to another government post as Director for special security at the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC)?

This is the total opposite of why Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was awarded with fellow Liberian Leymah Gbowee, and the Yemeni Tawakkol Karman, the Nobel Peace Price in 2011.

According to the Nobel Committee, the motivation behind the award was “for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work.”

So is it right for the president’s “son,” as Mr. George refers to himself, to physically abuse and bloodied a woman because of his closeness to the President of Liberia?

Where is the courage, anyway, for this president to actually fight for justice for all, and women’s rights? Where’s justice for the brutal and mysterious killings of Greaves and others? How are these investigations going, anyway?

Will there ever be any independent autopsies and independent investigations into these killings? Or are we going to go by the twisted and illogical stories and conclusions from the Sirleaf propaganda machine that continues to bury the truth under the Sirleaf rugs regarding these brutal killings?


After Michael Allison’s lifeless body was found on the beach, the Sirleaf administration’s investigation concluded that there was no foul play.

Case closed!


After Harry A. Greaves lifeless body was found on the beach; the Sirleaf administration’s investigation attributed his gruesome death to drowning, with no further comments.

That case is about to close!

Anyway, where are the family members of these individuals? Why are they so quiet? Are there any wives, children or siblings and friends? Why are they allowing the Sirleaf administration to manipulate the investigations, the public relations war, and the autopsies?

Why aren’t these individuals shouting and marching in the streets calling for independent investigations and independent autopsies for their loved ones?

The Liberian people are sounding the alarms and shouting for justice in these matters.

The families of the deceased cannot sit back supinely and continue to pray for divine guidance to take its course – thinking and hoping only that such divine guidance will jump from the sky to give them justice. The families will have to step up to the plate.

It takes the efforts of both the earthly and heavenly!

My people, we are in this thing together!











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