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218 million children work as slaves worldwide. How long will it last?

By Clemente Ferrer                   child labor



In Mexico, Pope Francis said: “God will call to account the slavers of our day, and we must do everything possible so that these situations do not occur more”.

218 million kids around the globe work as slaves. Half of them perform risky tasks and more than eight million work as prisoners. It is an outrage against human rights.

Alejandro Sanz endorsed the sentence: “Together we can”. With him have sympathized the soloist Bob Gedolf; the actor Imanol Arias; the Nobel Peace Prize Mohammad Yunus and the Economy Nobel Prize Joseph E. Stiglitz. A varied cast of famous actors and famous geniuses who express their repudiation of child labor in Latin America, defending the social action “Proniño” which aims to eliminate child slavery and support the social integration of children.

Imanol Arias also said: “Support a child costs 140 euros per year, 12 euros per month and 40 cents per day. Half the price of a coffee”. “When a woman starts to make money,” recounts Mohammad Yunus, “the first thing she does is bring back home her children, whom she had lent to work in exchange for food.” Bob Gedolf ​​also stated that: “The problem is not child labor, but excess of poverty”.

Moreover, to relieve the victims of slavery, an event was held that featured African and Caribbean stars. Tyranny remains a universal affliction. According to the reports of the International Labor Organization, 12.3 million people tolerate any form of slavery.

More worrying is the situation of the children. Save the Children says that 218 million kids from 5 to 17 years work in the world, of which 126 million in “very dangerous” and 8.5 million in “demeaning” circumstances described as “slavery” tasks. Kids traffic is due to many reasons: carnal exploitation, ie, prostitution, lewdness or compulsory marriage, illegal adoption, use of children for begging, for scams, to perform forced labor and for organ removal. Trafficking of children has turned into the world’s third criminal business after speculation with drugs and arms trafficking.


Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing. He can be reached at

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