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Liberian Community Association of the Washington DC

   Press Release                              


10169 New Hampshire Ave., P.O. Box 174 Silver Spring, Maryland  20903  Press Release 

The leadership of the Liberian Community Association of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, the LCA-DC INC. calls on all well-meaning Liberians residing in the DC metro Area to  resist and reject any invitation from  individuals who have conspired to stage a failed coup. The attempt by these disgruntled non-members of the LCA-DC undermines the principles of decency, fair play, justice, morality and the spirit of community.  

The tenure of the present constitutionally backed leadership was extended by the General Assembly with the mandate to remain in office until the holding of elections. The individuals leading the charge to destabilize the LCA-DC are known trouble makers with a long history of causing upheavals to achieve their selfish desires. It is worth noting that these individuals are not registered with the Association and as such do not enjoy the privileges extended to members regarding the direction and decision making of the Association. The action of this handful of anarchists stems from the refusal of the General Assembly to accept the request by a former leader of the LCA-DC to suspend the constitution to allow certain individuals who are not eligible to contest the Presidential and Vice Presidential positions. The General Assembly, acting on the wit of the Constitution, denied the request thus driving the former leader into a campaign of lies and falsehood about the constituted leadership of the LCA-DC.  

The Liberian Community Association is a registered Organization and while membership is open to all Liberians, their spouses and children residing in the DC Metro Area, the by-law is very clear on membership requirements as well as eligibility to contest and hold elected offices. Additionally, the decision to suspend or amend the By-law or aspects of it is not the prerogative of a handful converging under a request to “mix and mingle”. Only the General Assembly, representing due paying members and under the stipulations of the By-law, has the authority to

amend and suspend the Constitution or any provision of the governing law of the organization.   

The choice by these individuals to traverse a path of mischief and confusion bordering on vindictiveness and hatred for certain persons is unfortunate, distasteful and repugnant to the principles, ideals and purpose of the LCA-DC. That anyone would descend to such levels of indecency and unjustifiable rebellion is mindboggling. The LCA-DC rejects such clandestine attempt to usurp power. The leadership is ready and prepared to hold elections but will continue to hold sacred, the stipulations of the Constitution regarding the eligibility to contest, hold office and participate in the elections.  In fact, the leadership has constituted an Elections Commission which has released guidelines for elections on two separate occasions.  

While we are ready to work with any individual or group of individuals who meets the membership requirements of the LCA-DC we must be quick in sounding out caution about individuals who have a history of coveting public resources for their personal use. The history of the LCA is replete with such individuals who are the ring leaders of the failed coup plotters.  

As we remain committed to protecting the assets and integrity of the LCA-DC, it has been brought to our attention that the power driven band of rabble-rousers has been soliciting money in the amount of $20.00 as due payment on behalf of the LCA-DC.  Let it be made crystal clear that the LCA headed by the President, Ms. Nee Allison has not authorized anyone to solicit money. This is an act of extortion, and it is illegal. It is also a criminal act under the laws of the United States of America appertaining to the unauthorized solicitation on behalf of a Corporation. The LCA-DC will not hesitate to take actions against the perpetrators of these acts of extortion and underhandedness. We further warn that anyone doing business with the fake leaders of the LCA-DC is doing so at their own risk.  

Finally, the LCA-DC invites members of the Association, Liberians residing in the DC metropolitan area and others who meet the membership eligibility requirement to attend a very important meeting on Sunday, March 5, 2017 at the Whosoever Will Christian Church at 4514 Sellman Road, Beltsville, Maryland at 2:30 PM. Matters pertaining to elections and community cohesion will highlight the agenda.   



The Secretariat LCA-DC




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