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Congratulations, Bishop William BGK Harris, On Your Ordination: Well Done!

By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh          


We’ve had our publicized differences.

But when it was about his recent ordination as Bishop of the International Christian Fellowship and his vision to preach the gospel to the world, I am with him. 

As odd couples for decades traveling in our own stubborn lanes of opinions and differences on most issues in our community which often intersects, we never allow those differences to erode the respect we have for the other person – or, the respect I have for the man.

As leaders and longtime residents of our community, even with our known differences, we always agree to put aside our differences to at least talk and work together on pressing issues that only grown-ups can agree to do.

That’s maturity at the highest level, in my honest opinion.

In over two decades of combining religion, caring and activism in our Liberian Community of (metro Atlanta) Georgia, the ubiquitous Rev. Harris, now Bishop Dr. William BGK Harris has been a trailblazing, powerhouse religious and community leader who has clearly defined longevity, consistency, passion and accessibility as good working traits that can go a long way. 

With those admirable qualities constantly starring at him, no wonder Rev. Harris was elected and ordained Bishop of the International Christian Fellowship (ICF) on September 24, during a fun-filled event that included worship, celebration and nostalgia. 

The nostalgic part of the ceremony highlights the rough and humble beginnings of ICF, Bishop Harris and the rugged journey, the often sweaty, tiring and teary journey to make the impossible-possible in a strange land where dreams can either come true or go in the grave with the dreamer.

The International Christian Fellowship (ICF) was founded in 1986, 31 years ago by Bishop Dr. William BGK Harris, the visionary former electrical engineer-turned-preacher (along with original 15 members), who built ICF on four pillars: Spiritual/Culture/Social and Economic – principles that defined the mission of the sprawling Church located in southeast Atlanta.

The once “nomadic congregation,” as the IFC website describes its members – some of whom saw the vision and believed in the mission of this contemporaneous Church with both an African setting and a global ministry, remained with their spiritual father and the ministry as the Church and its members darted from one location to another throughout the decades, looking for a permanent home.

With those 15 original founding members including then-Rev. Harris and his lovely wife, Queeta Harris, the International Christian Fellowship (ICF), indeed has come a long way to become a monumental presence.

From worshipping in a parking lot, a tent, and in small chapels of other churches, Bishop Harris and his members purchased “a large & small lot on School Drive – 2003,” according to its website.

The International Christian Fellowship (ICF) has grown since – from that 15-member congregation to over 500 members to become an influential voice in metro Atlanta – some say, in the United States with a mandate as “the church of ordinary people with an extra-ordinary mission.”

Congratulations, Bishop William BGK Harris and ICF. Well done!

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