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Forget Boakai and Weah. Watch the Weah, Johnson and Taylor Movie Near You

By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh           



Liberian politics is scary.
Liberian politics is deadly.
The Liberian people are politically gullible and unserious.
No debate between Boakai and Weah?
Liberian politics is a damn joke.

Anyway, is George Weah setting up his own death at the hands of Prince Johnson and the Taylors, with Jewel stealthily engineering Weah’s death with her ex-husband who is currently in a European prison?

This could be a future article or movie near you. Stay tuned.

These are not make-believe rhymes or poetry meant to take the reader away radically from the good to the bad.

This is serious.

It is already bad. And this is reality in Liberian politics.

So bad, there are no scheduled debates in the lineup between the candidates (Boakai and Weah) for this crucial November 8. presidential runoff.

Remember now that Weah ran away from two presidential debates, while Boakai didn’t show up for one, either.

No accountability, and it seems like Liberians are okay buying pigs in the bag when it comes to their presidential candidates. To their supporters, debates does not matter.

Issues don’t matter, either.

“Elect George Weah president” or “elect JNB president.” God sent either one for Liberia. Some are heard callously minimizing the effects of a presidential debate.

What a joke!

The Liberian voters (people) pose a serious threat and a problem to their own security, safety, survival and livelihood, and to the country’s national security. They are too gullible.

The politicians are aware of this gullibility to the point that they exploit it hundred-fold.

Because it does not matter whether people are suffering and smelling themselves. It doesn’t matter whether they are still mourning the loss of their family members and friends.

It doesn’t matter whether they haven’t eaten in a day, or their kids are not in school, or they are unemployed, and there are no roads to go from point A to point B.

It doesn’t matter whether there is no safety, security, and there is no law and order in the country, either.

And it doesn’t matter whether Weah and Boakai are even telling them how they are going to achieve their goals and objectives, and what they are going to do for them and their country, and their children’s future. 

It is all about electing George Manneh Weah or Joseph N. Boakai president.

Exploit the hell out of them for your own selfish aggrandizement, be a feckless, larger than life figure in the midst of their pains and suffering, and run for office. There is a chance that you the politician will get elected.

The convenient strategy is to tell lies and put fears in the hearts and minds of the people. Do not deliver as you promised. Let them worship you, and be a cult of personality to them.

Be a George Weah, Prince Johnson and a Jewel Howard Taylor.

Care less about the pains and suffering of your people. Run for president, run for vice president, or pretend to be a shameless kingmaker whose hands are still dripping with the blood of the Liberian people.

Yet, some Liberians don’t see the blood on Prince Johnson’s hands.

Even when George Weah, Joseph Boakai and other politicians stayed away from debates, Liberians don’t care.

Really, Liberians?

However, when things are bad, make it worse, make it irreparable and irreversible with the hopes of exploiting the situation rhetorically, and steal money and live life as big as you can.

It is the Liberian way, sadly!

If you follow Liberian politics, all of the above are correct especially when the notorious killer and former warlord, Prince Y. Johnson, who now hugs the bible and professes to be a man of God in this modern day, endorses presidential candidate George Manneh Weah.

It is all of the above when George Manneh Weah naively accepts Prince Johnson’s endorsement for the presidency, knowing that Mr. Johnson is a former warlord, whom and together with his former group, the Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL), allegedly maimed, raped and killed thousands of innocent Liberians during the civil war.

It is all of the above when the craziness that we all have seen in Weah’s political behavior, when he chose Charles Taylor’s ex-wife, Jewel Howard Taylor as his running mate, is an accepted norm – so accepted by the Liberian voters that this man is poised, (God, are you still in heaven? I am screaming.) to become the next President of Liberia.

Unfortunately, it is written in stone, sealed, stamped, delivered and buried in the swamps of Gibraltar, the candidate’s home town (near Clara Town) that George Manneh Weah is a shoo-in to win the Liberian presidency come November 8, unless he is robbed of the presidency.

So, what did Weah have to travel to Nigeria with Prince Johnson to get the blessings of this ‘Karlaycoolay’ – Gorbachop Nigerian preacher?

Is this a way, if Weah happens to win the presidency, to give credit to Mr. Johnson’s Nigerian preacher that his preacher’s blessings and powerful healing hands delivered the presidency to Weah?

And not one, not even the ubiquitous Liberian Internet T.V and radio ‘commentators’ and ‘political analysts’ are saying anything about this new Weah and Johnson friendship, that should be a concern to every Liberian.

What I have noticed is the obvious fact that many of these Internet “experts” and “political analyst” have already taken sides and endorsed either Weah and Boakai, and chose rather to ignore the menacing reality of Prince Johnson endorsement of George Weah, which is a threat to any chance for genuine national closure, peace and reconciliation in the country.

That’s because Liberians are still hurting. Period.

However, Weah’s choice for running mate, Jewel Howard Taylor, ex-wife of Charles Taylor, the most celebrated warlord in the history of the Liberian nation who only rivals Prince Johnson; and Weah’s new-found relationship with Prince Johnson who endorsed Weah and traveled with him to Nigeria, shows a reckless disregard for compassion and national closure.

As the November 8 runoff between Boakai and Weah looms, strange things are happening between these strange bedfellows.

Weah and Prince Johnson are hugging publicly and showing affection for each other amid the pain and suffering Johnson caused the Liberian people during the civil war.

George Weah, you better be careful with Prince Johnson and Jewel Howard Taylor and her powerful ex-husband, Charles Taylor.

You could be next in line to be killed by either Prince Johnson or the Taylors.

Anyway, check out the Weah, Johnson and Taylor show near you.


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