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I am a former UNMIL Fire Marshal that has a special place in my heart for my friends and Firefighters in Liberia. Kevin’s Kandles has been founded as a direct result of my assignment in 2007-2008. The weekly fire calls for accidental candle fires in Monrovia had a profound impact on me. I have spent my entire career providing fire protection and fire safety to the public.  Upon my return to Canada I knew I had to do something more.

Now Kevin’s Kandles are available – How do we encourage Monoprix or Bridgeway to offer these candles to the people of Africa? They are Much Safer than paraffin candles, less than half the price and environmentally friendly. In January 2012  a tragic accidental candle fire occurred in Monrovia, Liberia.  150 homes were destroyed and 2,500 people were left homeless. This tragedy could have been prevented with Kevin’s Kandles. It’s time for the UN and other Poverty Relief Groups to embrace these Much Safer candles.

These candles are also inexpensive (half the cost) and environmentally friendly. Each pack of Kevin’s Kandles contains the potential for 100 – 10 hour candles. A shipping carton measures 15 x 15 x 20”, weighs 22 pounds and contains 500 packs  of Kevin’s Kandles.

Each pack has the potential to provide a family with 3+ months of safer candle illumination. A shipping container holds 324,000 packs of these candles.

To watch the demonstration video and read the “Small Steps” folder visit Kevin Dawson