Disaster Management Must Be A Priority For The Weah Administration 

Posted October 1, 2022

By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh

Putting the fires out with buckets of water shouldn't be the way forward in Liberia.
It is not normal. It is not a policy. Liberia is too old to continue to operate that way.

A sovereign country as we want to believe, Liberia should have a Disaster Management plan, policy, procedure, and program by now that tackles crises of this kind that potentially put lives at risk.

What's the purpose of having fire trucks - broken ones, for that matter, and a fire service when they are ineffective, inefficient, and in name only?

What's happening in Florida, and South Carolina, USA, before our eyes during these Hurricane seasons should be a lesson learned, and studied by the Weah administration.

The Weah administration must learn to practice and emulate good policies.

An effective Disaster Management program is needed in Liberia and President Weah cannot allow himself to be seen only as a showy, pomp, and circumstance president whose administration sadly is unable to save his people and country from natural and man-made disasters.

The nearby Atlantic Ocean, with its dangerous and unpredictable currents and waves, is a constant reminder of the tragedy waiting to happen.

Homes, streets, and swathe of land are underwater from the fury of the Atlantic Ocean. And the recent flooding in Monrovia shouldn't be forgotten, either.

Sitting by and doing nothing, and waiting for strangers and outside help, is not a viable option.
Mr. President, show leadership.

Get with the Legislature now to appropriate and release the funds for a Disaster Management plan and policy to save the Republic and the Liberian people.


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