Do Not Reelect President George Manneh Weah in October 2023. Vote Him Out!

Posted February 5, 2023
by Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh

The presidential race for the Executive Mansion has begun with the incumbent President George Manneh Weah putting in all the resources of the state to assure a victory in October.


Do Not Reelect President George Manneh Weah in October 2023. He’s politically toxic.

Vote Him Out!

This is about your life, your future, and your children’s future.

Using every available state resource to accept his party’s nomination amid the illegal use of a gun-wielding, government-employed armed security officer wearing the CDC ruling party’s t-shirt to provide security doesn’t seem to faze George Manneh Weah and his diehard followers, in this blatant display of muscle power to show the power of the presidency.

Legal or illegal, George Manneh Weah, the current President of Liberia, exploits the nation’s resources including the national sports stadium and the centralized National Elections Commission that he supervises, exploits, manipulates, and influences to assure him a second-six-year term.

Certainly, the opposition presidential candidates cannot continue to play wait-and-see and engage in catch-up politics with George Manneh Weah and expect to win in October.

As an unimpressive bunch in my honest opinion, the presidential candidates are not vigorous, forceful, and outspoken enough to stand a chance of defeating this inept and painfully corrupt George Manneh Weah, which makes him a shoo-in in October 2023.

Not calling this president out whenever he violates the law is a sign of profound cowardice and weakness on the part of the opposition presidential candidates.

With a huge advantage as an incumbent and a massive state apparatus at his disposal, this president can and will violate every law in the books to assure him of victory.

Did you see the government-financed and sponsored so-called “Blue Day” political rally in Monrovia days ago?

The Liberian people or some, in their relaxed and gullible stances, are unperturbed by the presidential abuse of power and unperturbed by the high level of unemployment in the country, and the painful human suffering on this president’s watch that needs sober reflection.

As gullible as the Liberian people are, this is why some of us are appealing to them to vote George Weah out and not let their ancestors down.

There’s hope that some or many will listen to this public call.

A poorly delivered State of the Nation address – bland, and repetitive, predictable, and empty, should’ve, could’ve been a game changer that delivered genuine and implementable policies to a suffering masses, but as usual, it was deceptive, it dwelt on pomp and circumstance, and a cheap attempt to win a second term.

The recent “Blue Day” political Fun A Thon festivity that the incumbent and his ruling party staged at the national soccer stadium at taxpayers' expense to rally supporters during an election season when the opposition wasn’t given equal time and equal play at the same stadium, speak volumes of presidential abuse of power.

Disgusting also was the blatant in-your-face recruitment and rental of random Liberians who were paid and bused to the location to shout jingles and sing all praises to ‘dear leader,’ George Manneh Weah, for the goodness and mercy he has showered and bestowed on the Liberian people in the six years since he ascended to the throne.

The Liberian people, as hungry and broke as many have been, grabbed the chance of a lifetime to be paid to appear at a political rally, even if George Manneh Weah is not their first choice in the upcoming presidential election.

My honest suggestion for these Liberians is to take George Manneh Weah’s unearned and stolen money and go and shout all the false praises of this idiot and don’t vote for him in October.

George Manneh Weah doesn’t deserve their vote and doesn’t deserve a second term. Send him back to the football field where his football-playing knowledge will serve him well.

Politics is not George Manneh Weah’s cup of tea.

George Manneh Weah’s an embarrassment!

Sending George Manneh Weah to the Executive Mansion for another six years is politically suicidal for the Liberian people and the Liberian nation. It is a mortgage on their future, the nation’s future, and the future of a generation of Liberians who need a fresh start.

But Liberians are a different people, different in the sense of falsely holding on to the pie-in-the-sky, strong presidency syndrome, a definition of grand illusion and massive failure that has haunted this group of people and driven them into poverty and disillusionment for over a century.

Studies have been done, books have been written, and countless speeches have been given about the historical weakness, gullibility, and laid-back attitude of Liberians, the passivity, inaction, and the knack for awaiting others – foreigners to fight their battles and giving them hands-out on a silver platter, all of which are obvious, especially when those foreigners are always expected to fight these battles for Liberians.

The few Liberian activists, bold and determined, passionate and consistent who boldly take on the administration for corruption, ineptitude, record unemployment, and abject poverty, as the administration plots a second term, are actually those individuals that are called bad names and seen as not in the interest of the country.

How can this be when both the foreign governments and the Liberian activists are saying the say thing about a corrupt and dysfunctional Liberian government at a time when all hands should be on deck to make the country safe, livable, and functioning?

The answer is simple.

Liberians love and put their trust in outsiders more than their own, and will rally behind and give credit to a foreign power that brings down a major local political leader or an everyday Liberian who is found guilty of the same crime.
I don’t blame the Liberian people for putting their trust in a foreign government that dethroned their local politician who violates their trust and believes he or she is above the law that everybody has to adhere to make Liberia a safe and livable place.

The Republic of Liberia is in bad shape in terms of governance.

All hands are needed on deck to defeat Presidential George Manneh Weah in October 2023.

I have done my part.

I trust you will do your part.


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