Pointing Fingers and Blaming Others …… The Liberian Way!

Posted July 14, 2022

By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh

Flood water engulfs metro Monrovia.

Homes and streets are underwater from the torrential rainfalls that caused the flooding in the first place.

Monrovians are displaced, yet, George Manneh Weah and his government officials are attending a funfest ‘retreat’ in Nimba County.

Yes, homes and streets are flooded and contaminated.

Water and Sewer, the Ministry of Public Works, and City Hall whose jurisdiction is the City of Monrovia are missing in action. The agency heads and the Minister are perhaps attending the funfest retreat with their president in Nimba County oblivious to the problems in Monrovia.

Where’s accountability and oversight?

As is customary with George Manneh Weah and his administration, there is hardly any news conference from the clownish, Buga-dancing, off-key-piano-playing, blasphemous ‘pastor’ and president, to allay any fears and anxiety the Liberian people may have regarding the floods and events in the country.

You would think with such a disastrous natural event the Weah administration would communicate with the Liberian people to calm their fears and anxiety, and deploy the various disaster management agencies (if there are any in the first place), to work day and night with their highly trained crews to tamp down the flood waters.

Since the day this natural disaster touchdown in metro Monrovia and flooded homes and the streets, there hasn’t been any sighting of a sewer-sanitation worker in the trenches with equipment such as high-powered Vactor Trucks, Pull-Along Trucks, and high-powered water hoses, CCTV cameras, and disinfectants to unclog the drainages and decontaminate the infested areas.

As it appears, the Weah administration is buying time for the floodwaters to magically dissipate on their own for lives to return to normalcy.

But it doesn’t work that way.

While it is true that the floodwaters may dissipate – one day - the affected areas remain contaminated with life-threatening diseases that could spell trouble for residents down the road staring at them.

Other than the flooding, the various unsolved and mysterious deaths, runaway corruption, record unemployment, and tone-deaf insensitivity occurring on Mr. Weah’s watch, Weah’s now God to his painfully blind supporters, who see him as this untouchable “Dr. Dr., His Excellency, Pastor, Black President, Development President,” and every nonsensical unearned title that fits his bloated ego is thrown his way.

These Weah-yites are not prodding their dear leader to find practical solutions and a way to work on this problem and other problems but continue to point fingers, as usual.

Also, these individuals have now turned George Manneh Weah into a Teflon president who, just like any magician, can successfully escape from a pile of trouble unscathed.

George Manneh Weah, President of Libera, is not accountable to his people.

The blind support of this president does not fall in line with patriotism, but mindless fealty and opportunism that threatens the survival of the Liberian people and undermines a country that continues to cry out loud to survive as a nation.

These individuals shamelessly speak from their hips talking trash in a way that makes George Weah the genius he is not.

What’s seen on Facebook and on government-friendly (opportunistic) internet talk shows are crazy talks and images of flooded areas in other countries to justify their ridiculous justifications that this problem is not only confined to Liberia but worldwide.

“You don’t have floods in America?”

Yes, floods are in America but America is not Liberia, stupid!

In the United States, there are organized, established, credible, and functioning public and private disaster management institutions that work around the clock to make lives better for their
citizens during a crisis.

In America, officials are held accountable for official neglect and lack of work.

And in America, during a crisis, the local and national governments do not leave their people in such dire straits to attend a meaningless, egotistical, funfest to blow up money that should have been spent on disaster preparedness and disaster management and other important things just to have fun.

In Liberia, there are no forensic laboratories and workplaces for autopsies, and no credible law enforcement as Liberians painfully witnessed during the questionable deaths of Princess Cooper, Harry Greaves, and others, when the Sirleaf and Weah administrations discussed or imported pathologists from foreign countries to quell down public discontent.

There is no transportation policy, or infrastructure plan to build more roads, and streets, and expand existing ones.
Liberia is in a bad shape and George Manneh Weah’s the wrong person for the job.

Weah’s ineptitude, insensitivity, and lack of interest and vision to embark on a groundbreaking, and life-changing development agenda are depressing.

President George Manneh is a walking embarrassment whose time came and gone.

The 2023 presidential election just cannot come soon enough.

The clown must GO!

Vote him out!



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