’26 bloodbath Says It All About the Failed CDC-Weah Government

Posted June 28, 2022

By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh

The red, white, blue, and the lone white star were on display in Liberia on Independence Day, July 26, 2022, with huge fanfare and excitement, and lousy, uninspiring speeches, as Liberians at home and abroad, ever so happy to reach another milestone in the history of their beloved country, showed their patriotism by celebrating Liberia’s birthday.

Even George Manneh Weah, Liberia’s Buga-dancing, stylish President showed his love and patriotism for his country by wearing a red sports sweatsuit accompanied by a pair of red sneakers and a blue and red cap, to complete his ‘26 wardrobe.

I get it.

And I have seen it all – the display of every brand of patriotism to celebrate Liberia, a troubled, lawless, unsafe, and dysfunctional nation that did not cause its own problems but brought on by bad, ineffective, corrupt, clueless, inept, and visionless leaders – unaccountable leaders whose definition of leadership and governance are fealty, unabashed flattery, and fierce partisanship, which got the country to the backwardness it is today.

Liberians, in their patriotism and restlessness, demand that things change for the better so that their own lives will change, a demand that most freedom-loving people who aspire for change make to their governments to improve their lives.

What better way to challenge your government and express your sincere desire to have a better Liberia where Liberians can be employed and have jobs, a clean environment, safe streets, safety, and security, and can afford a bottle of soft drink or a Club Beer, can afford to eat a decent meal without begging a neighbor or friend, to have access to health care and good schools, better roads, and streets, than on Independence Day?

The merciless beating of protester and University of Liberia student, Christopher Walter Sisulu Sivili, of the Student Unification Party (SUP), for expressing his free speech on Independence Day, on these issues dampened the spirit and meaning of the day.

It shouldn’t be that way at all, that free speech on Independence Day can mean brutal near-death beating at the hands of government-sponsored thugs headed by presidential henchmen Jefferson T. Koiyee and one Ben Togba, who couldn’t stomach the truth told about their government’s inability to provide for its citizens what every citizen in a free society expects from their government.

This is barbarity and hooliganism in all its ugliest forms which should be condemned in every corner of the Liberian government and Liberian society in general.

Not only that.

Jefferson T. Koiyee, the thuggish Monrovia City Mayor, who happens to be the alleged leader of this madness, should and must be investigated, fired, arrested, and jailed together with his accomplices (if they are found guilty of the crime), for violating the civil rights of this young man and other Liberians who took part in the SUP and CDC-COP’s protest rally.

With his rumored band of rag-tag militias always waiting in the wings to assault Liberians who may disagree with him on any issues and disagrees with President Weah’s lack of leadership and ineptitude, Jefferson T. Koiyee made his name by taking to the streets of Monrovia with machetes (cutlasses) and other weapons in hand to beat and intimidate Liberians who got in his way.

Knowing George Weah and how he operates since he came into office, it is doubtful that this uncultured and uneducated little boy, Jefferson T. Koiyee, who is widely believed to have gotten his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Liberia without ever fulfilling the requirements to graduate, will ever be prosecuted, because it seems George Manneh Weah is a compromised leader who prefers to keep the lid from blowing off than opening a can of worm that could lead to his downfall.

By the way, where are the presidential candidates?

As usual, they are not talking loud enough on this issue and other issues, and President George Manneh Weah is not talking at all.

This cannot continue.

Liberia cannot continue to be a failed and lawless state, a country where a lowly, inexperienced city Mayor can hijack democracy because of a weak president who prefers to look the other way.

The Liberian people deserve better!


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