Love Him Or Loathe Him, Henry Pedro Costa Said Interesting Things During His Press Conference. Give Him Your Ears!

Posted July 14, 2023
by Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh

He dropped some names, the names of individuals he communicated with, and also dropped the names of hotels, a hotel’s room number, airlines, and countries, a mountain with natural resources, such as the Wologisi Mountain, and the amount of $30 million that would have sealed the deal for his possible selection as a vice presidential running mate to presidential candidate Joseph Nyuma Boikai.

He even remembered and revealed the names of the hospitals in Liberia and the United States where the medical exams and medical procedures were supposed to take place, the plane tickets he bought for Joseph Nyuma Boakai to go to Rochester, Minnesota, which Boakai would later cancel because of a rumor that President George Manneh Weah provided the money to Costa to have Boakai killed, and he remembered the dates and months of the interactions he had with core individuals in their inner circle.

Costa even claimed to have in his possession voicemails from Mr. Boakai and other individuals that would eventually exonerate him if he is ever challenged that he is not telling the truth.

Henry Pedro Costa remembered the possible illness and heart disease that presidential candidate Joseph Nyuma Boakai is suffering from that could likely kill him, the referral he claimed to have made to a hospital in Minnesota for Boakai to see an internal medicine specialist and a cardiologist to have a triple bypass surgery done to replace an artery in his heart.

Not done, Henry Pedro Costa discussed the backdoor deals and compromises his political leader Benoni Urey made with Boakai, and members of his All Liberia Party (ALP), to keep the whole thing a secret intended to keep Joseph Boakai’s name on the ticket.

About the decision to have his own name put forward as a possible vice presidential running mate to presidential candidate Joseph Boakai (even though he had his eyes set on running for the senatorial seat in Montserrado County in 2023), Henry Pedro Costa revealed that a Prophet of God had earlier prophesized his path to the presidency, and a nationwide survey which proved his enormous popularity was done that showed he could win the presidency had he run against Boakai.

However, Henry Pedro Costa claimed he never wanted to run against “Uncle Joe” because of the special bond and respect he has for the old man.

And because Joseph Boakai was broke and needed the money to survive and run his presidential campaign, he urged his financial donors to give the $30 million they had promised to raise for his (Costa’s presidential campaign) to the former vice president.

Presidential candidate, Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s health and heart disease became an issue in the race, and because Boakai believed former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was trying to undermine his presidential ambitions, he asked Benoni Urey to intervene, which brought in Alaric Tokpa, Brownie Samukai, Kofi Woods, etc, as new recruits to the campaign that led to the formation of the Grand Alliance and the Democratic Alliance of Liberia, made up of several political parties as a “fallback strategy” to support Boakai.

A public feud between Benoni Urey, leader of the All Liberia Party, which accused Alexander B. Cummings of the Alternative National Congress of “tampering with the framework document of the CPP” (Collaborating Political Parties), was a hard blow that caused friction and mistrust between members, and the departure of some, mainly Boakai, from the group.

You can call it whatever you want – spilled milk, sour milk, or payback from a bitter guy, a disgruntled guy who was denied a chance to fulfill his fantasy and his huge ego to prematurely climb the political ladder in Liberia to a higher office, even though he is unqualified for the office, and he never held an elected office in his life.

This revelation is a shock and a realization that this guy, like a wounded animal, has nothing to lose but to cause damage on his way out and rationalizes out of selfishness that his narratives, though seemed credible, are powerful enough that we (Liberians) find it hard to comprehend, because of the messenger who is delivering the message.
This doesn’t mean that Liberians shouldn’t listen to what Costa, with his huge microphone, says to either awaken us from our historically gullible and drunken stupor to either elect the right leader or go with the dreaded status quo of George Manneh Weah and his band of corrupt and incompetent team.

This messenger known as Henry Pedro Costa whom some see as not credible is likely to be crudely insulted (if he already hasn’t been insulted and crucified and called all the bad names in the world) for shining a huge light on the behind-the-scenes zigzag and corrupt maneuverings that went on between the current political actors who want to unseat the incompetent and corrupt President George Manneh Weah in October 2023.

Though animated and bombastic, confident and seemingly arrogant as ever, Liberians ought to listen to this guy impartially by wisely dissecting his narratives, and not be blind partisans, apologists, and enablers, even as their people and country, and institutions painfully crumble before their naked eyes.

That said, however, this is first-hand, first-person information only an individual who is or was a part and parcel of a group and sat in discussions would know to boldly call a press conference that he deemed necessary to spill those things that he held dearly to his heart that he wants the Liberian people to know.

Love Him Or Loathe Him, Henry Pedro Costa Said Interesting Things During His Press Conference. Give Him Your Ears! 


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